10 Best Summer Songs to Jam to on Your Portable Boombox

Not sure what to add to your party playlist?

We’re here to help with the 10 best songs to jam to this summer. There are some songs that are just made for a portable boombox and all the fun that can come with one.

Make sure to have these 10 summer hits on deck – you’ll be the life of the party.

The 10 Best Summer Songs to Jam to on Your Portable Boombox


1. For the Romantic Outing: “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj


The great thing about portable boomboxes is, well, they’re portable.

This makes them great not just for a huge outdoor banger, but also for a quiet, romantic night…anywhere!

Put your boombox to good use by taking it along to creative date locations. Think picnics, parks, or a quiet, secluded beach. A little mood music goes a long way. And this hit by Nicki Minaj is the perfect choice for setting the mood.

“Super Bass” strikes the perfect balance between energetic and romantic, making it great for that fun outdoor date. This hit from “Pink Friday,” an album we’ll never forget, was number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100, becoming one of the first Nicki Minaj songs many people heard.


2. For the Group Date: “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce


If you still want to keep the romantic feeling, but make the vibe a little more hype, this hit from Beyonce is a perfect choice.

Maybe it’s two-on-two beach volleyball or a couples’ backyard get-together. Either way, Beyonce’s hit collaboration with Jay-Z should definitely make the playlist.

This song solidified Beyonce’s solo career, and for good reason. It came out in May 2003 and spent the next 27 weeks at the top of the charts! Summer listeners couldn’t get enough of it then and they still can’t now.


3. For the Mixer: “Erotic City” by Prince


If it’s not strictly a couples’ event, but maybe a chance for some singles to get together, this classic, slightly obscure Prince song is a great move.

Whether you’re meeting up at the lake or playing backyard games at someone’s house, you can help people loosen up a little with this danceable track that embodies everything people loved about Prince.

Prince songs are notoriously hard to find since he was against any service that didn’t pay artists for their music. So his songs are perfect for portable boomboxes, since you can play them from a CD. Or, if you pay for Tidal, get a boombox with bluetooth capabilities that can connect to your phone.


4. For the Beach Party: “Hot in Herre” by Nelly


If you’re hitting the beach, swimsuits and sunscreen in hand, don’t forget a song that fits the mood perfectly. What could possibly be a better choice for all that sun than “Hot in Herre”?

It’s hard to believe it was 2002 when this Nelly hit came out, because honestly, how did we live without it? This is one of those songs that’s so catchy, everyone seems to know the words. Make the summer heat feel less oppressive by putting on a song that makes it fun.

Since splashes might be an issue, make sure the boombox you choose is waterproof. There are lots of great options out there today!


5. For the Throwback Event: “Macarena” by Los Del Rio


No one who lived through the 90s could forget this hit that took the world by storm, complete with its own dance moves. If you’re throwing a 90s theme party, this is the perfect track. In fact, it might not be possible to have a 90s throwback event without it!

Get your moves on with this song, and don’t forget the 90s hair and jeans we all remember. To complete the retro feel, use the CD player in your boombox for an added level of 90s authenticity.


6. For the Singalong: “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot


If there’s one song that can instantly get everyone at the party singing (or rapping) the words, it’s this track by Sir Mix-a-Lot. Maybe you don’t know all the words, but it’s hard to find anyone who can’t at least do the intro.

Get everyone at the party in sync when you put this song on the playlist. You can take it to the next level with a portable karaoke boombox to really let people show off their singing skills.


7. For the Post-Breakup Party: “Waterfalls” by TLC


When someone in the group goes through a breakup, it’s only natural to get together and help cheer them up with a little solidarity and a lot of fun. The perfect playlist helps.

TLC’s 2002 classic explores different ways love can hurt, with lyrics that go a little deeper than the average pop song. But it has just enough notes of hope and a perfectly catchy beat, making it a great choice for a party to celebrate being newly single.


8. For the Nightclub Vibe: “Work” by Rihanna


This song brought Jamaican dancehall-style music to the forefront of American pop, and when you hear it, it seems impossible not to dance.

Use your portable boombox to make any party feel like a steamy nightclub. The right boombox can amplify sound to make it seem like it’s playing all around you. With the dancehall vibes that “Work” gives off, you can channel a hot Caribbean party no matter where you’re at.


9. For the Going-Away Party: “One Dance” by Drake


If someone’s leaving town, you need the perfect song to send them off with. Drake’s track is perfect, as he talks about leaving over a beautifully catchy melody that no one will forget anytime soon.

You want a going-away party to be more fun than sad, so this upbeat track is a great choice. It only came out in 2016, so it still feels fresh, but we know it will never get old.


10. For Any Party: “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry


Let’s face it: no matter what kind of music you’re into, it’s hard to deny the appeal of this classic hit from 1970.

The rock band’s debut single reached number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and is one of their best-remembered tracks today. A boombox with high-quality speakers will highlight all the authentic details of this awesome track, including a “motorcycle” sound that was actually created using a sports car.


Plan Your Party With a Boombox


You can’t have a great party without great music. And, with a portable boombox, you can have great music anywhere you go.

Get yourself the best boombox today and start blasting the summer hits we all know and love. Don’t wait – summer doesn’t last forever!

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