7 Awesome Ideas for Repurposing Pianos

Pianos in the home can do more than fill hallways with delightful music. They’re pieces of furniture as well and are able to act as a beautiful centerpiece to a room. For those who aren’t interested in learning to play but want to add a splash of creativity to a room, repurposing pianos as decoration items may be a perfect task.

Children in the U.S. are playing less music at home and instead are taking part in other activities. Along with snubbing lessons, piano sales have slumped in the last decade. Kids are simply interested in other forms of recreation.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t instruments available to help design rooms in your home. With fewer kids playing music, finding and repurposing pianos could be easier and less expensive than ever. Especially if you can pluck a used one from a store or a family’s garage.

Are you ready to get those creative juices flowing? Here are seven awesome ideas for repurposing pianos in your home.

1. Piano Table

Why not appreciate the beauty of a piano’s engineering and make the center of attention for a living room or dining room? This can work with either a grand piano or upright piano. Go for a coffee table or dining table.

If working on a grand piano, strip it down to the soundboard, strings and pins. Custom make a glass top and steel frame to hold everything in place. Now when you look down at the table you get a peek inside what makes a piano create music.

For upright pianos, the central soundboard can be used to make a base for the table. Of course, you’ll have to remove the top portion so you and your guests can see one another. Surround the base with a glass table top, and you could have a beautiful dining table.

2. Piano Bar

Pianos can take up a lot of floor and wall space. Make good use of it by filling it with booze.

This works best with an upright piano. Gut it to make space for glasses, bottles and mixing utensils. Install a flat surface just above the keys, and create a great spot to make cocktails or rest drinks.

A wine rack can be added to the top or bottom portions of the piano. It might also be a good idea to keep the lid and upper panel and use them as an opening. This will hide and protect the contents of the bar.

Some lights on the inside could also add a cool effect.

3. Piano Bookshelf

Stimulate your mind with a fantastic looking piece of furniture. Both grand pianos and upright pianos can be repurposed into convenient bookshelves.

By gutting a grand piano and removing its top and legs, you’re left with a pleasant-looking frame. Turn it over sideways, with either the keys or left side facing the floor, and add some shelves. Now you’ve got a nice looking bookshelf you can keep on the floor or hand up against the wall.

Similar to the piano bar above, gut an upright piano to make space for shelving. These pianos can be pretty deep, so you can add more space for books or other items by staggering shelves.

4. Piano Bed

Create a sleeping space, storage and small desk by converting an upright piano into a bed.

The top half can be made into a headboard. Even better if a pretty design has already been carved into the panel. If you want to create storage space as well, gut it and add doors and shelves to the sides. A lamp and other items can also be placed on top.

The area from the keys down can make the foot of the bed. If you so desire, you can take out the keys and create a shallow study desk. If you got a bench along with the piano, it might find use in this area.

5. Piano Office Desk

Build the crowning piece of your home office by turning an upright piano into a desktop and computer case. Gut the instrument and create a table top by either removing the keys or featuring them underneath a glass table top that extends to the back board.

Place or mount as many monitors as you see fit against the back part of the piano. If you want to get extra creative, you can gut the lower portion and hide your other computer components inside.

This will save you space and provide a beautiful work station.

6. Piano Tool Box

Add some panache to your shed or garage by building a concealable tool box and work table from an upright piano.

Remove the soundboard, strings and keys, and install a peg board inside. This gives you an easy way to organize your tools as you see fit. Put in a light to help you work when it’s dark.

This can be a great way of storing materials and brightening up your work space. It also shows off your ingenuity while classing up the place.

7. Piano Garden Accessories

One of the coolest ways of repurposing pianos, especially old ones, is to bring them back to nature.

Take your piano outside and make it part of your garden. Create a pristine display with gorgeous flora by using it as a flower plot. It might also be aesthetically pleasing if you allow fast-growing plants such as vines to take over and claim the instrument.

Another option could be to turn it into a fountain. Let water flow out of the keys and into a pond for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Do a combination of both ideas for maximum effect.

Repurposing Pianos Can Make Life Beautiful

Give these brilliant, old musical instruments new life by reinventing their use. It can be a cost-effective way of adding beauty to a living space. Save space by recycling and repurposing pianos in your home.

Got any more ideas about how to use old items? How about questions? Drop us a line!

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