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We are music equipment and gear junkies who like to research stuff


We are PianosPro, a community dedicated to providing reviews, guides, information, news, media, and how-to’s to those interested in musical instruments and recording gear. We’ve been gear junkies for over 10+ years, making our own music in our spare time (participating in beat battles and performing shows here and there).

Our specialties include mainly the electronics realm of music equipment (hence the wire name), such as drum machines and samplers, audio interfaces, MIDI controllers, microphones, headphones, and studio monitor speakers.

We are run by providing advertisements for music equipment providers and other music-related gear or electronics stores. We also use affiliate marketing to help direct our readers to the lowest prices possible on the net with hours of research and sifting through numerous review websites. We like to think of our blog as a giant research paper, with you being the ultimate teacher who’s grading our work by letting us know how helpful our articles are to you.

Please not that any price we list is typically the MSRP (must sell retail price) provided by the manufacturer and is provided to you for the sole purpose of shopping comparisons. The websites we link to may have a different price tag as we are not in control or a part of their organization personally.​

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​Our goals in terms of the music gear world

  • To help you find the best piece of music equipment or accessory you’re looking for
  • To provide helpful and informational reviews on certain products you are researching
  • To aid in the strengthening of your music making playing experiences