Alesis Recital Review 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

So you’re in the market for the perfect 88 key keyboard for you or loved one to learn piano.

You’ve gone to all of the local music stores and the selection seems daunting and intimidating.

You need the perfect reliable keyboard that will get you ready to tickle the ivories like a pro.

You have probably heard of The Alesis Recital Piano, but is it the right starter piano for you?

Come along as we take you through our alesis recital pro review.

Alesis Recital Piano in Details

The Good Stuff

Close to the Grand Piano Experience

It is hard to find an 88 key keyboard meant for beginners that actually mimics the grand piano experience.

There are some people that scoff at the idea of playing an electric keyboard over a grand piano, but I digress…

That is exactly what the Alesis Recital Piano does.

With its slightly weighted keys, this keyboard comes extremely close to the feel of the real thing.

The keys on the full sized scale are sensitive to the touch and even change their tone the harder you press down on them.

The internal speakers provide a proper surround sound that lets the low keys and high keys come out through their own sides while the middle keys are balanced just right in the center.

This attention to detail will make you feel as though you are learning to play on something that is as close to a real grand piano as you can get with a beginner keyboard.

We all know that nothing beats the real thing.

But for a beginner who does not have the deep pockets or space to house a grand piano, this is a great option.

Learn to Play Through The Keyboard’s Lesson Mode

Now this will be a feature that will get beginners excited to use this keyboard.

The Alesis Recital Piano offers a totally interactive lesson mode that will teach beginners how to play scales and tunes in an easy to follow way.

This will be a great asset to anyone who is starting out as you will be able to memorize scales and patterns within a short amount of time.

And as Clemency Burton-Hill found out recently for BBC “An easy reward for the amateur pianist lies in the fact that, unlike a violin or cello, the keyboard is percussive. While the instrument certainly has its challenges – around 88 of the damned things – at least when you strike a key, you know what note will sound.”

People will be able to plink along on the Alesis Recital Piano with great results after following along with its interactive Lesson Mode.

Are you getting excited to learn?

Great Digital Sound and Effects

As we’ve already told you, the natural piano sound and mix on the internal speakers sound fantastic.

But once you test out the effects that the Alesis Recital piano has to offer, you will open yourself up to a whole new world of fun possibilities.

The keyboard features a great chorus and reverb sound, but neither of these features beat the organ sound that this piano has.

This organ effect is particularly great as you will be able to mimic the wailing sound of a B3 or a church organ.

Beleive us. You won’t believe your ears with this organ sound.

It is truly the star of the show!

It Can Run on Battery

Unlike some other 88 key beginner keyboards, the Aesis Recital Piano can run on battery power away from its wall adapter.

There is an option to use 6 D batteries so that you can practice your scales anywhere.

This makes this one of the only truly portable beginner keyboards on the market and perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play but may not have the most flexible schedule.

With this keyboard, there is no excuse not to miss a practice and you will be on your way to mastering all 88 keys.

The Bad Stuff

Low-Quality Sample Sounds

We’ve told you about the high quality of the natural sound and some of the effects that come with the Alesis Recital Piano, but some of the sample sounds that come with this keyboard are truly lacking.

They seem to peter out with no sustain when held out.

Even though the sample sounds are great and sound authentic, it seems that the rate that they were loaded on to the keyboard was not high enough to make it sound as convincing as a higher quality keyboard.

But after all, this is a beginner keyboard and not something that you will be gigging with at Madison Square Garden for an extended residency.

Once you have truly mastered the instrument, you can move on to something that will nail all of these bells and whistles.

The High Keys Distort at High Volume

One other negative about this keyboard that the high keys seem to distort if you set the internal speakers at max volume.

This should not be an issue if you choose to play through a PA, an extra keyboard amp or choose to practice with your headphones.

Chances are, you will make the upgrade to a better speaker system to play out of if you choose to play in front of a larger audience.

Once you have practiced enough with the lesson mode and figured out all of the sounds you like with this keyboard, you should shop around for a keyboard amp to make you Aleisis Recital Piano sound as best as possible if you are wanting to step onstage.

And There You Have It! Our Review For The Aleisis Recital 88 Key Keyboard for Beginners

We think that this 88 key keyboard is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the piano.

It may not have all of the bells and whistles of a more expensive keyboard but let’s face it, this keyboard is not intended for experts.

So if you are starting out, you will love the Alesis Recital Piano.

Trust us, this is the keyboard for you!

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