Best Digital Piano Under $2000 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A digital piano is played by many persons who are learning to play piano and also by musicians who have been playing for years. What is a digital piano? It is an electronic keyboard that is designed to be used in the place of a piano. It a is smaller and lighter than the piano that you see in churches. It is also portable in many cases. Digital Piano players like to have weighted keys because it has the feel of a real piano. Plus I believe that the player likes the sound the keys make as well.

The digital piano can be connected to either an amplifier or a PA system. You can use the digital piano with headphones when playing or practicing so no one other than yourself can hear the music. It is also low maintenance. One of the features of the digital piano is that is has a MIDI player. Another feature of the digital piano is the sounds that it plays that mimic other instruments.

selection piano

Instruments such as string ensemble, organs, and guitar. Some other instruments are synthesizer and wind instruments such as clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc., violins, drums and other percussion instruments. The appearance of the digital piano resembles that of a grand piano or an upright piano. I was curious to see how the different types of digital pianos compared with each other and which one was the best digital piano under 2000.

Different Types of Digital Piano

Keeping in mind that for each piano you should consider the following: the weight of the keys, the connectivity, speakers, touch display, types of music saved on the player, types of instruments saved on the player and also look at if it has a metronome, pedal or stool. You might also want to check if the player you have is available new versus used or refurbished.

Different Types

Another thing to check out is if you could obtain a better piano from an earlier or later version of the same line. Check if there are any manufacturer deals as well as inside store deals. Online offers deals for you depending on the vendor that you buy from. There are different types of digital piano. Let me discuss each one with you along with the pros and cons for each. Then by the end of the article both you and I can decide which one is the best digital piano under 2000 dollars.

4 Best Digital Piano Under $2000 Details Reviews

#1 Casio Celviano AP-420 Piano

It is a digital piano with a bench. Sometimes it will include headphones and other accessories on the packaging. It comes with two mega 20-watt amplifiers that give you a clear and loud sound. The Casio is also an upright piano. It has 16 tones that sound like a grand piano all the way to bass. The AiF Linear Morphing System is their answer to the acoustic system of previous Casios. Some other additions to the Casio are the USB port and the SD card slot. Allows you to hook to computer systems and save your music.



  • Weighted scaled hammer action; tri-sensor keys; Ivory touch
  • 250 tones, 180 rhythms
  • LCD display
  • Split/Layer
  • Metronome
  • Textured keys
  • Three pedals
  • Lid
  • Speakers


  • It has good acoustic sound
  • Good speakers
  • The ability to attach to your computer via USB or SD card.


  • That there is no price yet for this piano on Amazon
  • The speakers are 20 watts.

#2 Korg Havian 30 Ensemble Piano

This compact digital piano is the best for those who are beginning to play the piano or digital piano. It comes with all these fun features including but not limited to a sound library, a chord sequencer and full editing, along with an equalizer and color touch display.

It has a 25 Watt stereo speaker. You also have a MIDI/MP3 that has a play and record feature which allows you to play your music and the notes are recorded, on the piano for posterity and playback using the MP3. It has buttons that allow you to switch between pre-recorded sections of a song. It has a built in the songbook.

Korg HAVIAN 30 down view

You can also attach headphones and listen to it in private. Unlike the other three, this piano comes with a hefty price tag.

Interesting side note which is of importance if you play an instrument including a digital piano is where you can keep your equipment. Most people with digital pianos because they are compact.

Korg HAVIAN 30 close view

Not only are they compact but they can be played quietly or in other words, you can attach your headphones to the digital piano and no one will hear it but you. Another interesting tidbit of information is that most beginners that are self-taught swear by digital pianos. A friend of mine I believe has one and he likes it very much. It gets used a lot when he plays.


  • Weighted hammer keys; velocity sensitive
  • 128 tones, 950 sounds, 64 drum kits
  • Damper pedal
  • Split/Layer
  • Metronome
  • LCD display
  • Multi-functionality to create, edit sounds, etc.
  • Speakers


  • It comes with all the pops and whistles that a person who wants to learn to play the piano or a songwriter could want.


  • It doesn’t appear to be available used a lot or for the low price of $$$.

#3 Yamaha P-255 Digital Piano

Considered the best digital piano by its manufacturer, this piano is portable and sounds good anywhere with or without amplifiers. It appears to be the only one with an app for IOS. It has 24 preset tones on the piano as well as other assorted sounds.

Yamaha P255 down view


  • Graded hammer action; Synthetic Ivory keyboard; tri-touch sensitivity
  • 24 voices
  • Split/Layer
  • Metronome
  • LED display
  • Speakers
  • Damper pedal
  • P-255 Controller Application


  • The manufacturer says so
  • It is a portable piano that sounds good anywhere with or without speakers. This is good for those who travel and play in outside venues or at schools or smoky clubs.


  • Despite it sounding good anywhere you might get more use out of the Korg.

#4 Roland F-140R Digital Piano

This small compact piano has an acoustic sound. Considered to be intelligent due to its ability to follow where you play, it has 72 different rhythms and 6 pianist styles. Not only that but it has an additional 305 instrumental sounds including but not limited to strings, organs, and guitars.

Roland Compact 88-key Digital Piano

You can use this particular digital piano with your smartphone and your tablet via Blue tooth technology. You can also use with headphones. There is also a USB port.


  • 5 Types of touch sensitivity; Ivory touch; weighted keys
  • 11 Grand Piano Voices; 305 Tones
  • Split/Layer
  • Metronome
  • Speakers
  • Three pedals
  • Lid
  • ipod /Apple connectivity


  • You can play this via your Bluetooth hook up to your smartphone or tablet.


  • Despite it being compact and its many different rhythms and sounds, it is mostly for those who are experienced and know how to play the piano.
  • If you are taking lessons that it’s not bad to buy for a beginner at its price.

Best Digital Pianos for Beginners

There are a few things that persons who are beginning to play the digital piano should know when it comes to buying a piano for themselves: You don’t have to spend a lot of money and still get bang for your buck. First, you need to know some of the terminology used by persons who sell and play pianos.

Digital Pianos for Beginners

A digital piano has weighted keys which are made that way to sound and feel like a real piano.

The digital piano is electric and unlike the real grand piano it doesn’t need to be tuned. Less money for the upkeep. So there are three terms that are used when discussing the keys on a digital keyboard: Semi-weighted, weighted, and graded hammer action.

Let us discuss them a little bit. Semi-weighted keyboards are lighter than most whereas weighted keyboards are more like a real piano. The graded hammer action piano feels like an acoustic piano. Please note that the amount of money you spend will also let you know how much sound you may get. The more money you spend, the better sound you will get.

Digital Pianos for Beginners 2

There are three types of pianos that you can choose from. Most people tend to buy the console and the stage piano. I believe it has to do with the quality of sound and what you can do with that particular digital piano.

According to an article I found titled “What’s the Best Digital Pianos for Beginners?” listed five things that you as beginners should listen too. Those five things are:

1. Quality of sound
2. Feel of weighted keys and the adjustable
3. Special sounds and effects included
4. Instruments and other sounds included
5. Speakers and if they have a music counter (metronome)

Try Yamaha models they are good for beginners. The pros are that this is an affordable digital piano and they get good reviews. But by far the best digital piano for beginners is the Korg. So check out the Korgs prior to the version mentioned above. They have different prices. You may have to spend a lot but their prices tend to vary.

Best Digital Pianos for Intermediate Players

An intermediate piano player who wants the best digital piano for himself is looking for a couple of things. First, they want it to be a better machine with more included than that of a beginner’s digital piano. But they don’t want all of the things included for someone who plays that is advanced.

Best Digital Pianos for Intermediate Players

What is noticed on the digital pianos for the intermediate player is the hammer action of the keys and a wider range of music and other included things. So for them, it’s more of an issue that it sounds good and gives them the capability of creating more music and being able to save it and reproduce it.

Best Digital Pianos for Professional Players

Professional players use the digital piano in public areas, auditoriums, schools, and halls. They prefer the one that has the best sound for their particular brand of music.

I believe that the professional players like a sound that is more musical and has a variety of beats on it. I believe that the Yamaha is good for the professional but he would also like the Casio. Due to his advanced capability, he would probably pay a higher price closer to the $2000 limit.

Best Digital Pianos for Professional Players

Some issues though that the professional player would face would be easier portability for him as he would probably travel with his musical equipment.

A smaller compact digital piano like the one mentioned earlier that was good for small spaces. Also, he would like it to have MIDI, MP3 player capability as well. This is not to say that he would not frugally spend his money and get a cheaper piano but I am not sure that he would do that.

How to Decide the Best Digital Piano?

So you have read my lengthy paper ahead of this and now here comes the tricky part. You have reviewed what I have said here but what you now need to do is to go and try the actual pianos out for yourself.

How to Decide

You can go to your local musical instrument store or your local electronics store. When you get there tell the sales person what it is that you are looking for and would it be possible to try one out. I don’t believe if you ask them and you indicate that you are a paying customer who is willing to pay that they won’t stop you from trying out the merchandise.

It helps sometimes if you flash your credit card as well.

Only you know what it is you are looking for but most players all look for the same thing. A portable instrument capable of playing multiple types of music and multiple types of instruments. They prefer to have one that can connect it to a USB port or connect it to another music playing machine.

Check out what was listed above- the size, the price, what is included and any additional whistles and bells. Also, check out who is shopping with you. If you are new then a person who is experienced might take the time out to help you out as much as the salesperson.

If you prefer a certain maker of digital pianos then go and buy that particular brand. Also, see if you can rent one as well from a place like Rent-A-Center. Not sure if you could actually do that but it’s a thought. Borrow one of your friend’s digital piano for a weekend to determine if you really want it or barring that if you have a music teacher then bring your music teacher.

What I want to stress for you is that you should take your time in looking at the pianos and decide what you want. These items aren’t expensive but neither are they inexpensive. You are hoping that it last for years. Yes, some have parts warranty but the parts warranty may not be for the lifetime of the product that you buy. Did you know that if you buy from some companies they will give you a warranty?

Interesting to note that if you go over reviews of the pianos that you want you will find some really love the product and some really didn’t love the product. I think you have to take that into account that each person has their own reasons for liking something and not liking something.

Don’t think that just because the review said that it wasn’t for them that it won’t be for you. Only you would know that if after you bought it and tried it out.

The Last Line!!

final decision

In conclusion, you can purchase a very good best digital piano for 2000. The most you should spend for some of these that I have reviewed here is under $2000. Keep in mind that shipping and handling will cost you an arm and a leg if you do it online so it pays to go into a store and buy the piano and walk out with it to your car.

It will save you money. Maybe not time but definitely money. Remember if you can’t lift heavy packages to have them help you with it. Also, check if they do repairs on it in the store or if you have to go to the manufacturer. Sometimes a minor repair can be done by a repairman who is qualified that is hired by the store to do that.

It could be a CPU problem or a speaker problem. I think that your purchase of a digital piano will be the highlight of your day on that particular day.

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