This informative article is on the “Best Method for Beginners to Practice Playing Piano.

All are aware of the well known proverb that “Practice makes perfect.” On the contrary, the fact is, – practice merely confirms us in our errors, and the longer one does something the wrong way – that is, without enlightenment and instruction- the more fixed one become in the foolishness. That’s why; the ‘Best Method for Beginners to Practice Playing Piano is so significant.

Piano is one of the most appealing, sophisticated as well stylish musical instruments. To learn how to play and practice it is somewhat tricky. However, human beings always like to face the difficulties to achieve their objectives.

Music is heavenly and it is beloved as well as enjoyed by all members of human beings. Likewise, a pianist is liked, honoured and valued as a great celebrity. Profound efficiency in piano playing as well as a pianist is regarded as of great value.

Great pianists achieve greatness only when they play piano that is rich regarding harmony as well as sense, and touches the heart genuinely. Likewise, all the actions of a pianist should also have a sense. If both notes and actions have a meaning, the life of the pianist becomes triumphant.

Building a strong foundation of piano-playing skills will lead to a lifetime of piano-playing joy. And the foundation lies in Best Method for Beginners to Practice Playing Piano.

However, beginners should learn how to practice piano well and thus they will discover the secret to playing the piano. Those beginners, who will learn the best method to practice and to love their practicing, accomplishment is awaiting to embrace them.

Practicing piano, however, is just like practicing everything else. It requires time, regularity and , above all, dedication.

However, best method for beginners to practice playing piano is discussed below, which is divided into two main sections, namely- Method – 1 and Method – 2.

 METHOD – 1 


METHOD – 1 is divided into the following sub-sections for better understanding as well as practicing piano effectively.



Maintaining continuity or regularity is the most significant point for beginners. It is important to find out time to practice regularly. Every day practice makes piano learning much easier. Even practicing for half an hour each day is more effective than only practicing once a week for hours together. Everyday practice is useful for not to forget what the beginners have already learnt, rather, it is supportive to keep in mind as well as achieving more perfection.

The more frequently the beginners practice, the faster they will improve. Beginners should keep in mind that “Slow but steady wins the race.”​

Aim of each practice session

Beginners should set the goal of each practice session, as setting an aim of each practice session and follow it strictly is very practical and inspiring.

Warm Up

Starting with a warm-up is also important . Beginners should get their body and mind ready. It needs a few minutes to get going and reach their full potential.

A few suggestions for warm-up: regard​

The following suggestions are good enough for warm-up

  • Playing up and down the scales for 3-4 times.
  • Playing one or more songs that Beginners have already learnt well, making an effort for more perfection.
  • Playing along to a known song
  • Discover some notes while listening to another instrument.
  • Playing up and down the scales for 3-4 times.



Practicing with a metronome is very useful. Metronomes keep a constant rhythm for the beginners, helping them stay in time while practice. Most musicians will unconsciously play parts they know faster and slow down for parts they do not like. This is excellent when the beginners are on their own, but if they test to do this with a band the entire group will fall out of harmonization.

  • Beginners, who are not used to using a metronome , should start slow, like 60 beats per minute
  • Some music charts will list a BPM i.e. beats per minute on the top and Beginners should set their metronome to this number to practice the song in the approved manner.


Patience and Determination

Being patient and determined will lead the beginners to success.Beginners should not attempt to learn new songs all at once. This is impractical. As an alternative, it is better for beginners to concentrate their mind on learning one section at a time, anywhere from a few seconds, and trying to perfect it before moving on. This allows beginners to self-confidently play the entire song well.

Facing difficult section

It is natural that beginners may have to face difficult sections. Here comes the question of patience and determination again.

If beginners come across a difficult section, they should stop to go next section and work on it for perfection, before moving ahead, which is the most important point for achieving a compact foundation.​


Beginners’ objective should not be to get through a piece, on the contrary, playing piano methodically as well as perfectly is the right technique to practice. While practicing beginners often may make mistakes, so beginners should try to find the mistakes and work on to fix them. If beginners struggle with a particular scale, it is of great use to keep practicing until they have it well. If beginners cannot play a fast piece completely, play it slow and add speed over time until it is learnt perfectly.

 METHOD – 2 


Method – 2 is on learning piano skills, which are also regarded as the important components of best method for beginners to practice playing piano



In order to develop every beginner’s piano playing proficiency, hands-on teachers are greatly helpful.

Teachers play the most significant role to teach beginners to learn how to play piano. In fact, the most effective way to learn how to play the piano is with a teacher. They not only know the scales, songs, and chords that the beginners need to practice, but they can give specific advice on how to improve playing correctly. Beginners have to make sure that they like the teacher to a fixed term. When looking for a teacher, beginners should sure to discuss the following:

  • Beginners’ goals in playing the piano (songs, bands, career, etc.)
  • What genres of music beginners want to practice
  • The teacher’s qualifications and experience
  • Expenditure in details
  • Time and duration. Time and duration must go well with the teacher and beginners.


Learning to read music

Piano music is written on charts in musical notation; hence, learning to read piano music is essential. Here lies the significance of learning to read music.

Hence, beginners should have a book, watch videos online, get a music learning app or ask their teachers to help them how to read piano music.

Beginners should practice reading piano music each day, they can try to play pieces by sight, bring charts with them while travelling, play songs frequently or play musical games online.

Learning the fundamental theories of music

Basics or fundamentals construct the Foundation of everything, there are also basic theories of music including piano.

Piano, like all other music is built on a set of rules and relationships between notes. Music theory allows beginners to see the patterns in their favorite songs and learn them more quickly. Beginners can always take a course, but there are also a variety of books and online tutorials meant to teach people music theory, from the basics to complex arrangements.

Basics are the ground on which the complex arrangements are built up.​

A chord and scale book

A chord and scale book is essential for beginners to practice piano. Beginners should buy a chord and scale book. It is available at music stores, these books are relatively cheap glossaries of every piano chord. They are typically grouped together by note, but frequently they come with sections detailing, which chords sound good together and the right scale to play for each note.

At the end, it is better to impart Beginners Piano Practicing Tips, in brief.

  • Determination and patience or vision and mission.
  • The more the practice, the better the learning.
  • The more attention, the more the perfection.
  • A practice book with details practicing plan.
  • Don’t worry about rhythm until you have mastered the notes themselves.
  • Practicing old songs for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Conscious of piano maintenance
  • Tuning piano when necessary, otherwise it will be hard to hear the mistakes.


Practice never makes anyone perfect, it only helps them in improving their knowledge and efficiency. Beginners should be aware from the very beginning to practice following the best method for beginners to practice playing piano, so that their practicing may lead them to their objective as well as their piano playing may touch the heart of the listeners.