Best Piano Lamps : A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Why best piano Lamps Reviews Is The Only Skill You Really Need?

Playing the piano is more spiritual to some people than actual. The piano is one of those instruments that play heart-soothing music that’s why the majority of people love to play piano in less light. But , the problem occurs when you use a normal charger lamp for piano practicing, you won’t get the shadow and light experience. Most of the charger lamps are made to illuminate as much as light to remove darkness. So, you can surely understand that they are not your thing. Here’s my best piano lamps review to resolve your problem.

Why are these lamps different from other lamps? It is because they throw light exactly on your piano keyboard without enlighten the whole room. This fantastic capability makes it suitable for piano practicing.

Now, I am giving you my choice of best piano lamps. Hope it makes you find your proper choice out!

#1 Boston Harbor ATB 8004 – Piano Desk Lamp

This is one of the most popular pianos desk lamp from Boston Harbor. This fantastic piano lamp is made of stainless steel and has nickel finishing. Its lightweight and silver in color. IT is not too long and too short as the product dimension is 18.3 x 15 x 12 inches. It’ll be 12 inches at height when you assemble it and 18.3 in length. It also has nickel finishing that makes it an eye-catching thing on your piano desk.

Best Finishing

This is an amazing desk lamp that comes with fantastic features. It throws light focusing just on your piano deck. So, the whole room doesn’t get bright at all, and you get enough light to play your piano. It is lightweight so it is easy for lifting and moving.

Efficient Energy Usage

Now comes the light, it is the 5-inch long end to end. It is high-quality led and has metal shed. If you think, the light will get hot, then you are completely wrong. It illuminates the most amount of light without getting hot. I am using one from 14 months without any prior complain. You can bend its neck easily and focus the light wherever you want. These all makes this lamp a fantastic one. Boston Harbor ATB-8004 Piano Desk Lamp has a bottom pad that removes any possibility of having any scratches on your piano.

So, these all makes Boston Harbor ATB-8004 Piano Desk Lamp get in my best piano lamps reviews. Hope this versatile lamps win you over!

#2 Lumiens L9 – Music Stand Light (Best Piano Lamps)

Here comes another amazing lamp with a goose neck. This feature has created a booze among pianists because they can move its neck wherever, and however, they wanted. It has optically graded lenses, and that distributes light evenly with no hotspots. So, you don’t have to put pressure on your eyes because lights are evenly distributed.

Amazing Goodseneck

It has nine LED-cubical lights that ensure to run lifetime. In some cases, we feel relieved when we have the lamp that has the light-removing facility. But, in a case of Lumines L9 LED music stand lamp, it has LED lights. So, you don’t have to think about the longevity.

Now, comes the bottom. It has a clip to the bottom that makes it easy to clump on. The clip has padding on the inner side of the clip and opens at 1.75 inches. The gooseneck can bend like you want, but the adjustable stands won’t let you do.

Powerful Light

It has 9 LED lights with two power levels. It runs on 3 AA batteries. The power consumption is very low and 20 hours of continuous on 3AA batteries, which are included. It may feel like 20 hours is less but trust me, you won’t play in an hour long.

These all makes it one of the unique lamps for piano. Trust me and use this, Lumiens L9 LED music stand lamp is the lamp you are looking for.

#3 Kootek – Portable Light Stands (LED)

If you are looking for anything that has stood, then Kootek Portable Light stands LED may e your best choice. It has the sleekest and slim design that when you’ll see, all you can be utter is WOW! It is fully rotatable and you can bend, twist or move like you want. It has a four-unique position to ease your work up.

Most Sleeky Design

It is the most elegant lamp, in my opinion. It has sleek eye-friendly lights for using. It has four lighting moods, RELAX, SLEEP, STUDY and READING. Choose your mode by your need. It is the only piano lamp in the market that offers brightness controlling option. It has a 5-dimmer level for adjusting the illuminating light.
It is the most elegant lamp, in my opinion. It has sleek eye-friendly lights for using. It has four lighting moods, RELAX, SLEEP, STUDY and READING. Choose your mode by your need. It is the only piano lamp in the market that offers brightness controlling option. It has a 5-dimmer level for adjusting the illuminating light.

Four Lighting Modes

It directly through light on your piano desk, so you don’t have to worry about lighting. The company has used the best-quality plastic in making it and it comes in two colors, black and white. Bulbs are included, so you don’t have to think about buying bulbs. It is also light in weight. Kootek Portable Light stands LED is most suitable to use it for indoor use. It has USB charging port and 60-minute auto-off timer.

These all makes Kootek Portable Light Stand LED to get the place in my best piano lamps review. You will like it for its economy-sleek design, and I’m sure you want to try it.

The Bottom Line

When you are up for buying a best lamp for piano, then you have some knowledge in your mind. Firstly, don’t take the decision in hasty. Look out for the lights, if they are LED or not. Because LEDs ensure a longer lifetime than CFL or Energy Lights. If you need a flexible lamp, then to go for one has a goose neck and otherwise, you can go for lamps with flexible bars.

See, it runs by battery or by electricity. If it runs by battery, then is it excluded or included. It is good when the bottom is padded, because, padded bottom restrain your shiny smooth deck from scratches. Keep these in your mind. I’m quite sure that if you keep these in your mind, you’ll find your best piano lamp easily. Think less and get one. Hope you liked it! Don’t forget to share it

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  1. I just bought a new grand and flat out refused to pay $300 and up for a new light. I’m impressed with this and am ordering it today! Thanks for the review.

  2. Just received my lamp – love it – been looking for something like this a long time. It’s terrific and looks great. Now if I can train it to turn the pages … thanks for the review!

  3. While that looks like a great lamp for a desk or upright piano, a light that attaches to the music rest is a better choice on a grand piano or keyboard.

    • I understand what you are saying, but for a piano that it could be adapted to work well on I think it would be an excellent choice. I have seen very high end pianos damaged by the kind you are talking about, in the end it is all about choices.


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