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I have seen beginners doing the same mistakes. So, I thought if I can point those out, it’ll be helpful for you.

Why You Will Love Playing Piano

Do you love classical music, or you love to hear or play mind soothing music during your free time? Then piano is the best instrument that you can ever play classical music with . The piano is the classic musical instrument, and you can play incomparable music with it. People have always loved piano because of it’s mind inebriating music that no other instrument can play. Good music comes with lots of practice and effort. But sometimes I have seen beginners do some silly but major mistakes. So, I have listed all the mistakes here in my “common piano beginner problems” to make you aware. Read it, practice carefully and play awesome!

Problems that you will find, practicing a piano

You are a “Beethoven Symphony” lover;you have always dreamt if your fingers could do the same magic on piano. Well, we can’t play like Beethoven! But yes, we can try to play music that is similar or so. The more you practice carefully the better you can sound. It is really important to take practice seriously and daily. Most of the beginner do this mistake of not practicing regularly but trust me; it hampers a lot. So, you need to be strict with practicing and put it to the conclusion when going for showcasing your music.

Now, see below, I have pointed some topics out for the common mistake that beginners make. I hope it proves helpful for you.

1.The keys and notes are not the same

It is the silliest mistake that beginners do are they make confusion about keys, and notes are same or not. No, they are totally different from one another. Like, you can play F-sharp and G-sharp by the same key on the piano. You want to master the piano, then you have to understand the difference. Notes are sounds and in different scales, you have played it with different keys. See, my (article) for more explanations about “keys and notes.”

2. Treble clef is not only for right hand

More or less, every piano student thinks about it at least once in life! It is absolutely wrong as you have to keep your hand free on the piano board so that you can take it to any keys and play it as needed. The treble clef range is usually higher than bass clef range, but you have to keep the hand free on the keyboard.

3.Bass clef is not only for left hand

See my explanation of number 2. Don’t ignore it because it is really needed to keep your hand free on piano board.

4.Playing only C major

Most of the students make the same mistakes that they play only C major keys, the white keys. Beginners tend to play only the white keys, but they also need to play black ones. The fingers are not the same in length. Two are shorter and three other is long fingers. If you play with black-and-white keys combined with correct notation, it’ll be very easy to play for you.

5.Sharps and flats’ confusion

Remember a common rule, “ SHARPS AND FLATS ARE NOT BLACK, BUT THE BLACK KEYS ARE SHARP AND FLAT. ” Normally, a sharp means, the next higher key and a flat means the next lower key. That’s how all black keys are sharps and flats. And the next higher or lower key can be white or black.

6.Not learning scales

Sometimes, I become amazed when I see moderate piano students are unfamiliar with their scales. Without scales, you won’t understand how the music should be hear like or the dissimilarities of it. So, before you start playing, learn scales. Okey, that is not that much tough. Just simply try to memorize verses, tempos and notes. Do not play fast when you are a beginner because it will make your learning weaker.

So, I think after reading all these points, you’ve quite understood about the do’s and not to do’s. Don’t try to be Beethoven from beginning otherwise piano will take revenge!



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