How To Buy A Piano ?: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

You have really high hopes about pianos, right! Let me guess. Your dream piano is deep brown polished, made of oak wood and gives an amazing outlook, isn’t it! Well, I also have imagined something like that when I went to buy a piano. So, let’s keep the dreams aside and look forward to on “How to buy a piano.” Buying a piano is a tough work(!) if you don’t have done any researches before. Here I have made some points, which you have to keep in mind when you are going to buy a piano.


1. Lifespan

Usually, pianos hold a long lifespan from at least 50 years to 80 and beyond. There are pianos alive, which are 200 years old. It’s your call to decide, which type you want to buy, a long lifetime one or a short one. IF you choose a piano that will last long, then you are definitely right. This piano will be with you for the next 50 years at least.

So, look for its polish and size. Polish is for, there are different coloured types of polishes in the market. Not necessarily you have to buy that is showing in the store, just simply ask out for your preferable color. Your piano has to be compatible with the other furniture of your home. Because, apart from a music instrument, it is a famous and very elegant décor.Think about your room’s space also where you’ll place your piano.

2. OLD or NEW?

When you are going to buy a piano, this question will surely rise in your mind. Should I buy a new or old one? If you are going to buy a new piano, then what you have to do, I’m telling it afterwards. But , if you are thinking to buy an old piano, then you have to be patient.

Buying an old piano needs patience. A piano is a big instrument, so, you have to simply look at each and every part of it. Also, look through the deck and polish. Because as for piano, good polishing makes it a beautiful thing. Don’t take a decision in hastily, just take some time and try to understand the condition of the piano.

3. Inspect the piano with an expert

It is damn important for you to take an expert with you when you are going to buy a piano. There are lots of small and delicate parts in a piano that you may not be able to inspect by yourself. I am pointing them out :

1. The back: the post should be heavy and strong as it holds most of the pressure. So, see if it is made strong enough or not.

2. The soundboard: It is the most delicate part of the whole piano. The tone comes out of it, actually from the wooden board back of the instrument which forms every vibration into sound. Check if it is ok or not.

3. Treble and Bass Bridges: You should keep an eye on the treble and bass bridges. Because it controls trebles and bass.

4.Look at the hammer that makes tunes, strings and the big deck that covers the strings.

5. See, every key is working or not.

Buying a piano will be fun like buying a car. Just through all the tensions and just keep doing what I’ve told you.

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