How to Practice Piano Every Day

If you want to be a pianist or want to play the piano as a hobby, for either reason you have to practice the piano. Because practicing regularly makes anyone perfect for any instrument. When a beginner starts to play the piano, his teacher gives him some notes that mean no melody, and if we can’t do well in practicing, we don’t get the advanced lesson, and we become pecky. So, beginners can’t keep the pace of practicing daily and then starts a gap. And they wonder about how to practice the piano every day.

What happens to the case of practising the piano, it is literally a big instrument and who are not extremely motivated gets scared. What! Are you laughing? Yes! It happens. Young kids, evens adult beginners scare of it but trust me. It is a friendly instrument that doesn’t even hurt you. So, try to love it and start practice regularly. Now, I am giving some advice that can be helpful to you.​

1. Make a routine up

You are a engaged city dweller or a student who has a lot of homework on the head . It is really hard to make some time out of your engaged life to practice the piano! However, you have to. So, like other works, you have to form a routine to practice your piano. Search down the time, when your body is totally relaxed. And, that time is perfect for practising the piano. Take one hour from your busy, daily life for piano and place it in the routine.

2. Get exiled with your piano

Well, lots of things come between us and our pianos, do you see? You may remember .During the last practice session, one of your old-school friends called you. And, you went talking and never came back to finish your practice. This thing happens to all the beginners, and these are brakes the concentration for practicing . So, get exiled for one hour with your piano that no one or a fly can come between you! Seriously speaking, you need one hour with full concentration to finish your practice and make your hands perfect.

3. Small segments are better than lengthy time practice

Like me, some of us can’t sit peacefully at one place for longer. For those people, the small segment of practice can be proved much easier than extended time practice. Instead of one-hour practice, you may divide it into three segments of 20 minutes, and it will hold your concentration much longer. Put these practice segments may be at morning, with the freshness of nature and two other at any time.

4. Find a motivational GURU

When you are totally unable to make your mind to sit with piano by completing 1,2,3. It’s your time to find inspirations. There are a lot of things that make us inspired and motivated, it can be movies, any songs or personalities. It is easy to learn about these such things all you just have to Google it. I’m sure you will find your true inspiration when you’ll see people at your age are playing the piano artistically.

5. Love Your Piano

Start loving your piano, the more you love the better music will come out.

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