I dont want to practice piano

Practice is the one and the only process to make yourself most experienced and more skilful. Whether it is piano or any other work.If you don’t go for practice, no hard feelings, but surely you won’t succeed buddy. But when we have just started piano practicing, it is really hard for us to keep practicing some meaningless music. Just not only you or me, we all face the same problem! Actually, we start practicing a practice that we will play some heart touching melodious music but at the beginning, it is impossible to play melodies, and we start losing our will towards practicing. But , now, it won’t happen again because I have come up with some fun ideas that may get you back to practice again.

Practice time and utilization

You have to divide your practice into small sets. It is really important because three sets of ten minutes practices are better than a long-time evening practice. What happens in long practices that the meaningless music makes you bore, and it leads you to leave practice remaining. IT is really a bad habit, but it happens to all excluding some god gifted talents. So, my advice is divided your practice time into small periods, it may be 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 5 minutes, that’s not a big deal. What matters is that you have to utilize your time through practicing. Never let anything to harm this time-periods, it plays a vital role.

Never put lots of pressure on yourself

Take a deep breath in and exhale it slowly. Do it continuously for 5 times, it is going to reduce the pressure? Actually, when we go for learning something, people around us start to expect more and huge thinking that we may not be able to meet firstly. You have work and practice in the pace that you were going because people who don’t practice the piano won’t understand the challenges and the problem you’ll face. So, my second rule never takes the pressure

Make your practice cool and funny

You were playing some serious notes like (serious note names) , but by mistake, you have pressed a wrong key, that sound funny, and you burst into laughter! Did it happen to you? Well, playing one after one notes may turn out prosy. IT is one of the vital reasons of not practicing of most of the beginners. So, make some funny notes yourself! Notes, that can make kids laugh, note that is compatible to a cartoon scene, stupid notes, bizarre notes whatever you may like, just make something. You’ll see it not feeling boring anymore. Surely these making funny notes help a lot!

Find yourself some “Helpers”

Now, it is a common question, “what is helpers?” You have already searched down some information. I know! Helpers are not that big things like you are expecting it to be. What that helps you in practicing the piano is a helper. IT can be a book, a website, a teacher or an anthem or song. What it does is, it gives you inspirations. People find inspirations in lots of things, likewise. You have to find your own inspiration, and that does “helper.”

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