Korg tinyPiano Review 2021 – Manual & Buyer’s Guide

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The Korg tinyPiano may just be the toy which brings out the pianist in your child. If you notice your child has an inclination for music, you as a parent should do something to motivate them in this direction.

This piano produces the same sound like a real digital piano and its accurate pitch, and true tone helps plays a great part in your child’s music development. It is cute to look at and has 50 built-in demo songs for your child to enjoy while not playing it. The piano runs on AA batteries, is small and easily transportable to wherever your child wants to play with the piano.

Korg Tinypiano Digital Toy Piano in Details

This Korg tinyPiano digital toy piano is perfect for

  • Small children aged 2 to 6
  • Adults can also enjoy playing on the piano

Features of Korg TinyPiano

Cute and fashionably designed

The Korg tinyPiano digital toy piano is not like other toy pianos; it is made of wood which gives the piano a solid feel when touched. The wood design gives a sense of quality and sophistication to the piano, making it suitably blend with the decor of any room.

backside of korg piano

It looks more like a miniaturized upright piano and has a fallboard just like a real grand piano, and a miniature 25-note keyboard which makes it so easy to play the piano. The piano also comes in four colors to choose from.

Fifty built-in songs for entertainment when off the piano

Not only can you play the Korg tinyPiano, but it also has 50 automatically playing demo songs which provide enjoyable background music for your room for you to listen to. While each song is played using an appropriate tone for it, you can appreciate the skillful performance put into each song.

korg piano on desk

If you like, you can also change the tone and set it to something which suits your taste or the desired atmosphere. With these demo songs covering a wide range of styles, there may be a few songs which your child enjoys listening to. You can turn down the volume and play these songs even at night as background music to lull them to sleep, and not disturb anyone around you.​

Accurate tones and pitches

Unlike other manufacturers who don’t put much emphasis on the tone and pitch of the child instruments they produce, the renowned musical instrument manufacturer KORG believes that children should be in contact with great quality music from their childhood.

This helps instill a love for music at a young age, and an early start is advocated by music educators for a child’s musical development. This is why the deep, rich tones of their tinyPiano have the same stable pitch which is expected from a digital piano.​

KORG has also placed more importance and emphasis on the safety and durability of the piano. This is why they have minimized the number of moving parts used in it while its volume has been adjusted to a modest level, most appropriate and safe for a child’s ears.​

25 inbuilt sounds help with the learning process

KORG believes that it’s not only grand pianos which produce the best music tones. This is why they have included a total of 25 built-in sounds in the tinyPiano for kids to hear, explore and learn from. These sounds include sounds which you normally hear or are used in classic songs like sounds of organs and bells, electric piano, and clavinet.

You also find sounds befitting a miniature piano for children like a music box and toy piano tones. So your child can actually play the different sounds of instruments and learn to play them, using the tinyPiano like a picture book of instruments!​

Choose from four colors

The KORG tinyPiano need not be placed in any specific location as it can be easily transported from the living room to bedroom or even outdoors as required. This is not only because the piano is small and transportable, but also because it’s powered by six AA batteries and has built-in speakers.

korg Piano color

In other words, your child can play where he/she wants to base on their mood for the day and enjoy the music they produce with style. In fact, not only children, but adults are also fascinated by the versatility and the sounds the tinyPiano produces that they too are kept rather entertained by it!​

Moreover, you can choose your piano from four colors- a stylish white, mirror-finish high-quality black, a very cute pink and a fresh and memorable red to suit your child’s preferences or their room’s ambiance.​

The Good Stuff

  • Some piano sounds are not realistic
  • Available in 4 fascinating colors
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries
  • Have 50 built-in songs for entertainment purposes
  • 25 inbuilt sounds help in the music learning process
  • Sophisticated and quaint wood design
  • Doesn’t sound like a toy piano

The Bad Stuff

  • Their video doesn’t tell how the piano sounds
  • The piano consumes high energy, so additional rechargeable batteries are required
  • Highest volume is not so high

FAQ of Korg TinyPiano

faq about piano

Is the tiny keyboard suitable for three-year-olds?

Answer: Yes, it is as the piano is very well built and produces great sounds

Will a six-year-old find the keyboard to be too small?

Answer: Not at all any child can play the tinyPiano. In fact, even adults have fun playing the piano!

Does the box emit a strong lacquer finish smell?

Answer: No. The box does have a new scent, but nothing unusual or to worry about. In fact, the piano is perfect for kids and looks great in any nursery or living room.

So the korg tinyPiano makes a perfect gift for any child with or without budding music enthusiasm. While the piano has many inbuilt songs and sounds which help with the child’s music learning endeavors, if you are on a budget, the piano may be a bit on the expensive side especially because you’ll have to buy a bigger unit once your child outgrows it.

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  1. I just played the hell out of this today at the Korg showroom 😛 … I’m 21 and yes … This is definitely for kids :’D … Musicians never ‘grow up’ 😀


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