The Ultimate Guide to Piano Keyboard Covers Review

A piano is described as an acoustic musical instrument which was invented in the year 1700 in Italy. At the time, it was made of strings which were plucked by hammers.

Since that time, the piano has undergone a series of improvements and life cycle until the current piano which is made of keys in a keyboard. There are various types and brands of pianos according to the uses and also practicability.

Therefore, the article is meant to review the various piano dust covers which prevent the piano from getting exposed to dust, dirt, sunlight and also moisture. As we are all aware, dust is the most harmful substance in electronics and instruments.

This is due to the fact that it fastens the wearing out of electronics without noticing by the users.

There are various piano keyboard cover which have been developed in the current world to ensure that users can keep their pianos safe from dust and dirt in general. The various dust covers are the 88 key digital piano dust cover, piano keyboard cover cloth, 61 key keyboard dust cover, Casio keyboard dust cover, Yamaha piano covers and digital piano dust cover.

The demand for the covers has risen over time because people want to protect their keyboards from the hazards which may damage pianos in a short time.

 6 Best Piano Keyboard Covers Right Now

1. Clairevoire Universal Keyboard & Digital Piano Dust Cover

This piano cover is made to accommodate three types and sizes of pianos which are 61 keys, 76-88 keys and also 88 keys. Its construction encompasses the use of smooth silky high-quality materials whose availability is in pearl white or ebony black. The cover is double layered for further protection and care for your piano and also double threaded sewing done to make sure that it is durable.

For the unique details and sleek materials used, from highly trained tailors and good materials, it’s worth the price. You will be shocked by the price due to the fact that it is minimal compared to all the advantages the piano cover has for your piano.


First, it is made by the most experienced piano cover makers. Clairevoire has its major specialties in the making of the keyboard and piano covers and this means that the covers depict originality and quality. This is because its design is in accordance with the lifestyle designers and pianists with the best materials which are selected by the tailors for the finest quality.

Second, these 88 key piano keyboard dust cover are made up of the best premium materials. These Clairevoire covers are designed in such a way that they maintain an elegant look even though they are simple in nature. The materials and instruments used in its making give it a modern look.

Third, it has the best design and quality. The materials used in the making guarantee durability of the digital piano keyboard cover cloth. Additionally, its smooth nature discourages even a scratch on your piano. Additionally, t is made up of a fitted book stand which ensures that you don’t remove the book each and every time after using the piano. This also adds to the stylish nature of the piano. The digital piano covers are also double layered to ensure that high and enhanced protection is offered which is meant to prevent dust from reaching the piano.


It is not meant to cover the larger pianos due to the fact the covers are in 3 types where the 88 key piano dust cover is the largest. Additionally, compared to the velvet piano dust cover, it is a little bit more expensive. Maybe it’s due to its sleek quality.

2. Piano Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Keys

This is a digital piano dust cover which is uniquely meant for 88 key keyboards. It is designed perfectly with a premium and thick material of high quality. The material used in the making of the piano dust cover is 13% spandex and 87% nylon which is washable at any time and also durable.

It’s characterized as a stretch to fit dust cover which helps in the protection of the piano from dirt and dust. Additionally, this helps in keeping moisture off from the instrument. This is one of the best materials because it is a stretch to fit material which means that the piano perfectly fits with no air and moisture space s left. It is meant for the 76-88 key models.

The nature of the dust cover enables its mobility from one place to another without destruction and scratches. You can move with it anywhere and anytime. Additionally, the dust cover comes with an absolutely free pouch where the user of the piano can store it while in use and this provides more advanced protection when not in storage.

Finally, satisfaction is guaranteed in terms of durability of the product. This is because you are guaranteed 3 years without any form of replacement.

With all these features and the pros discussed, this is ideal for the price. The price is absolutely cheap and this way less investment to maintain your piano instead of replacing the entire piano over time.


The piano dust cover fits perfectly in the 88 key pianos. Additionally, the dust cover fits well in the storage bag when not being used. Therefore, this dust cover s meant for keyboards raging from Nord, Yamaha, Hammond, Akai, Alesis, Korg, Roland among others.

Secondly, the dust piano cover has double stitched edges and made from a premium quality material which gives it the required strength to last longer. Therefore, when your piano is covered with this dust cover, you are guaranteed full protection from dirt and dust. The material just fits perfectly with the soft fabric material which ensures that no scratched are done to the piano and the keys.

Additionally, the dust cover has a storage bag which comes absolutely free. You can store your dust cover in the storage bag when you are using the piano and you can carry it in every place that you go.


It is not suitable for larger pianos

3. Stretchable Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key-keyboard

This is 88 key digital piano dust cover which has a guarantee of extra premium protection on your appliance. This cover has an advanced breathable layer which aids in keeping the piano in a clean nature and also helps in the safeguarding of every part of the piano from dust, wear, and dirt.

Therefore, it ensures that your piano has an extended lifetime as long as you use the dust cover. Made from the best spandex- nylon materials, this should serve you well because it is the efficient combination of materials to bring forth the best durability, appearance and also flexibility. Additionally, this cover is considered very easy to handle.

This digital piano dust cover is made up of locking clasp and also adjustable elastic cord to enable full coverage of the piano. The piano cover fabric cannot allow any particle of dust through it and this guarantees safety when in use of this dust cover. This dust cover is washable by the use of a machine. Therefore, there is no need to break the wallet or rather your hand.

You just require a machine washer or drop it in machine cleaning shop for cleaning and it shines once more. This piano keyboard cover cloth keeps the piano in a perfect condition where no dirt or dust can reach it. Finally, this is made to fit perfectly the 88 key piano keyboards. It can be used in the storage of any brand of the piano as far as it is in the required size.

With all these features, the price is extremely minimal. Therefore, if I were you, I would rush to get myself one to safeguard the quality of my piano. The price is ridiculously cheap. Therefore, get yourself one and give your piano the confidence it requires.


First, the piano keyboard cover cloth is made of the best materials and fabrics which ensure that dust and moisture are kept out of reach to the piano. Additionally, with its nature of machine wash, you can clean it over time which saves time.

Second, it cheap to purchase give the benefits you will enjoy safeguarding your piano from dust, dirt and also moisture which may damage it.


It has no bad stuff

4. On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key Keyboards

This is a piano dust cover which is majorly meant to fit the 76-88 key models of pianos. It has been specifically designed to ensure that moisture and dust are kept from settling in the instrument and guarantee full protection while the instrument is not in use. It additionally comes with an in-built bag where you can store that cover when not in use and can move within from place to place due to its portability.

Additionally, it has a locking clasp and a plastic cord which means that it is meant to fit perfectly in the pianos thus leaving no space and chance for dust and moisture to damage the piano.

This is one of the cheapest grand piano dust cover available in the market. Therefore, for a small amount, you can keep your piano safe, from dust and moisture and guarantee it a long life.


First, it is built with a strong spandex material which ensures that dust and moisture is not allowed into your instrument. This material can also stretch to fit and cover the 61-76 key or rather that 88 key pianos.

Secondly, another advantage is that it comes with a free built-in bag, a locking clasp and also a plastic cord. The storage bag is useful when the dust cover is not in use.


The piano dust cover does not cover the larger pianos and also might be baggy for the smaller pianos. Machine wash is not mentioned so it might be dangerous to wash it with a machine to discourage wear and tear.

5. On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 61 or 76 Key Keyboards

This is a piano dust cover which guarantees protection from dust and moisture for the 61-76 key keyboards. It has a special feature where it can stretch to fit perfectly to the piano and this makes sure that no dust particles can enter the piano.

Additionally, the piano dust cover comes with a built-in bag which is used for the storage of the cover when it’s not in use. Therefore, the user can store and due to its portability, one can move with it from place to place. It also comes with a locking clasp and a plastic cord which means that it can be used for the 61 key keyboards and locked to fit perfectly.

Its material is strong spandex which ensures that the device f free from scratches, dust and the dirt which might enter the piano and the keys.

When you are not on a tight budget, this is the piano dust cover to go for because it’s absolutely cheap as compared to the advantages which it will offer to your piano.


This dust cover is very cheap with all the advantages which are guarantees and upon good maintenance, you can use it for a long time.

It is also a stretchable material which makes it possible for it to cover each and every detail of your piano. This not only keeps the piano from dust but also from moisture which is harmful to your piano.


It has no bad stuff

6. Gator Cases Stretchy Cover Fits 88-Note Keyboard

The Gato 88 key piano dust cover can be stretched to fit the required keyboard sizes. The materials used to make the cover are made of lycra/spandex to enable the protection of your device from the airborne debris and dust particles.

The piano dust cover comes in two models which are; GKC – 1648 and the GKC-1648 which are meant to cover almost all the piano sizes. This will definitely cover your keyboard size. In most cases, the GKC – 1648 is meant to fit the larger keyboards which are 88 keys and the other model is meant to cover the smaller types of pianos which are 61 and 76 keys.

These kinds of dust covers are hand washable to help in the maintenance and keeping the material clean for proper protection. Additionally, they have a string which helps in fastening the cover to take care of all the sections of your piano. Therefore, get yourself one to help keep debris and dust from reaching your piano at the time that it’s not in use.

In terms of the price of the dust cover, it’s a good price to pay for all the advantages it will offer to your instrument. Therefore, hurry and purchase it for proper protection which will guarantee your piano more and more years.


The material is hand washable and this makes it possible for the user to maintain the dust cover and eliminate any dirt which may stick to it.

This cover is absolutely cheap and is much more advantageous than having to pay for maintenance and repair of the piano due to dust issues.


It comes in only the black color and might be limited to people who need other colors.

Dust effects on pianos

In a situation where dirt and dust are present in your home, a person is involved in doing their very best to ensure that they eliminate the particles from the rooms. In our day to day lives, we have the common knowledge that it’s normal for houses, electronics, and instruments to be exposed to dust particles and also dirt.

Therefore, dust contributes to a slow breakdown and damage to electronics including pianos in your home and you may not realize that this is the work of dust and dirt. The dust has the capabilities of accumulating in between the piano keys, the buttons and other areas such as the speakers and ports.

Therefore, in the case that the dust creates a barrier in the mentioned spaces, it can lead to various drawbacks.

Overheating is one of the consequences of dust in pianos which might later lead to a breakdown in the piano. Additionally, moisture is another issue which is harmful to the piano.

Moisture light makes the metal parts of the piano vulnerable to growing rust and these parts will wear out from time to time. Dust and dirt also cause poor contact, especially in the keys. After some time in the dust-exposed environment, an individual might realize that some of the piano keys require force for them to make a sound.

When this is not maintained, the keys stop working all of a sudden. Therefore, dust covers were introduced to curb all these negativities. Most of them are capable of keeping the piano out of dust, dirt, and moisture which ensures that the piano stays for a long time.

Advantages of piano dust covers

According to the usability of the piano covers, they guarantee various positive impacts. First, the piano is kept from the scratches. Most of the piano dust cover are made of a soft piano cover fabric which ensures that the piano is not scratched at any instance.

Additionally, the dust covers prevent direct sunlight from reaching the piano. At these instances where the piano is not being used and might be exposed to the sunlight, the piano covers act as a guard to ensure that the sunlight does not have direct impacts on the piano and its keys. The most important function of the dust covers is the prevention of the piano from exposure to dust.

The piano dust covers are made up of high-quality materials which can’t let dust in. Almost all the dust covers are multi-layered to keep off dust access to the piano. Most of the dust covers are machine washable which means that you can drop in in the washing machine and clean it comfortably. Additionally, you can hand wash it for an extended lifetime.

Therefore, it is always good to overlook the price one will pay when making the dust cover purchase and help to keep your piano in a good condition at the time when it’s not in use.

How to clean a piano?

Owning a piano is considered one of the best privileges on can have in his/her life. However, when you own one, proper and the required care should be taken to ensure that the instrument has been kept from damage.

With the required maintenance including dusting, the piano should not be subjected to professional cleaning over time because you take good care of it. Additionally, it is good to ensure that the right techniques and materials are used to avoid scratching and further damage to the piano.

Key Cleaning

Dusting the Keys. At this stage, you should make sure that you use a feather duster and also an application of the necessary light pressure is required for the removal of dust from the keys. Did you know that dust can scratch the piano keys? Therefore, when dusting it, be as gentle as possible. Additionally, you should be sure to get out all the crannies and nooks in between the keys.

Therefore, make sure that you dust the piano keys regularly and can do it after some set days. This prevents the settlement of the dust on the piano and also prevents it from getting to the soundboard.

Cleaning of the ivory keys. Look for a white clean cloth which is made of a soft material.  Wet the cloth with water and squeeze until no water is in the cloth. After this, now clean a few keys by rubbing the cloth against the piano back and forth from one direction.

After this, wipe the keys with another dry cloth which helps in the removal of the excess water before you can move on and clean more keys. In this step, you should make sure that you avoid using hard and coarse cloths, paper towels and synthetic materials which might scratch the piano keys. Additionally, you should not use the side to side motion to avoid dirt going into the keys.

Cleaning of plastic keys. Due to the fact that the plastic keys are synthetic, one can clean them by the use of the various cleaning products which are available.

Therefore, in the cleaning of the plastic keys, one might require a cloth damp with water and also a cleaning solution, wet cloth, and a dry cloth. First, fill a bowl with water together with a cleaning solution or rather vinegar. Mic the solution and dip the cloth inside. Squeeze the excess water and rub the keys using the back to front method.

After this, take the cloth wet with water and remove the excess cleaning solution from the keys. Finally, use the dry cloth to get the excel water and form out of the keys they keys will be sparkling clean.

Cleaning of the soundboard and the casework

Using finish. Use a damp cloth to run the outside of the piano. You should do it in small sections and then use the dry cloth to dry the soundboard. It is important to make sure that you use straight strokes other than the use of circular motion and this might prevent the areas from getting streaks and marks.

In this process, you should use a smooth cloth such as microfiber or cotton to carry out the cleaning. The process will; then remove all the smudges, dirt and also the fingerprints. Additionally, the cloth should just be slightly dump to avoid leaving moisture marks.

Blowing dust from the soundboard. In the case that you have a grand piano r rather just the ordinary piano, you can be involved in an easier method by just blowing out the dust from the piano.

In carrying out this operation, you can use a can of compressed air, a vacuum cleaner or a reverse. This method is useful when cleaning the interiors of the piano due to the fact that when using damp cloths and also cloths n general, you can damage the components of the piano. In the cleaning process hold the vacuum cleaner from the soundboard a few inches and use vertical strokes when blowing the dust.

Ensure that you don’t touch any damper and strings with your fingers. You should blow the dust and dirt into an accessible corner and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust and the dirt from the piano.

Alternatively, call a professional piano cleaner and handler. This is advantageous due to the fact that a professional has the necessary tools, the knowledge and the experience required in handling the piano. They clean the piano without causing damage to the sensitive and the delicate parts. Additionally, the professional cleaners also remove the keys and clean the pars underneath the keys to remove all the dirt and dust in the piano.

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