Piano Placement And Friendship: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

When you play any instrument, you don’t actually play some notes, you grow a relation with that instrument. The more you grow relation, friendship with it, the best you can play, say it for piano or any other instruments. It’s a little crazy, right? However, it is true. How is a friend related to us? We know every single, small and big, good or bad thing of his or her. We know what he’ll like and what makes him sad. You have to grow friendship like the piano. Then you’ll understand that piano placement and friendship, are the substitute of one to another. Well, I know what you’ll say! You’ll say that every human is unique and rational but pianos are made by robots each and equal like same. And superbly objective, they don’t have the even life!

Well, I’ll say, there can be lots of pianos in the market of the same company, made by robots, perfectly same, but you have only one piano in your home. He(read the piano) is unique to you and the you’ll grow friendship the you’ll understand about him and trust me. The piano will understand you too!


Keep your best friend close

I have presumed. You have made your piano one of your best friends. You do practice regularly and with much enthusiasm. But, it is also necessary to keep the piano at an open place rather than a shut, dark place. Say for, most of the time you keep yourself in your bedroom and in the case of piano, you love to play it in your room. Don’t do that, it’ll slowly make you disturbed! You have to place your piano in such a place. Where, there are sufficient airflow and sunlight? Sunlight , seriously? Yes, we love natural things, don’t we!

Grow friendship at best you can

Most of the movies in our life have portrayed piano in such a manner. That, people assume piano needs a darker room with little yellow light and silence like a graveyard! No, it is completely wrong! It is not a black magic thing . It is a fun thing, an instrument that can bring the smile to people’s face. So, you also need to be cheerful and show how you love your piano. Spend a certain time with your piano. Practice it, see where the sound is coming from, how it is making the sound. Don’t laugh? When you don’t know these things how you’re gonna make amazing sounds from it?

Don’t escape a single day without practising

It is one of the important things to grow a strong bond with your piano. When you do practice every day the more you know about your piano and the further you can be perfect. The common mistakes that beginners do are, they think that I have done this lesson very well and let’s wait for the next lesson. And, start breaking the chain of practising daily. Don’t do it. If you are tired of doing the same lessons that you can do very well, then do anything you want, make funny music or sound music that means no meaning to you.

Well, I have said a lot about our love towards pianos, and now it’s your turn. Do these precisely and I guarantee you your piano will help you too.


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