Recording Your Paino Practice

Music is all about practicing and developing. Buddy! You won’t know, which note is sounds better than the previous, unless you practice several different notes. Here you need to record your music to find out the best one, because notes are delicate to hear, and it is tough to differentiate if you are not listening to the music again and again. When I am telling you about recording your music, some questions are peeping in your mind, like;

1. It is a tough work! I don’t want to do!
2. Does it need big components for recording?
3. I will play again and again to differentiate!
4. Why is it important?


Well, tell me, you often do you record your play? You will surely start recording after reading this article because the more you are recording your play the more you will understand about your flaws. Buddy, students often get dishearten , I know, when they are trying a lot but not getting the music that you want. It is all about practicing and searching the best music with specific notes. It is not really needed to think that you are done with piano because when you change the erratic part, you will get the best music that’s why you need to record your piano practice.(article about how to practice the piano)

#It lets you hear your music after finishing it.
#You can find little flaws for that your music may sound tedious.
#You will be able to create new music by taking some from all music notes.
#Allows you to increase your music quality.
#Most importantly, you get to know about your progress in practicing.Know more about practicing the piano.

You will get all these after start recording your practice. Now, some question arises again that how you will evaluate your recording. It is really simple. I have come up with PTR method for you to understand the recording easily.



Yep! Pacing is the most important in piano practicing, actually in any kind of music practicing. As per the rule, you have to play easier sections faster as in some notes you may have to play fast, but you also can’t make your speed slower in the difficult sections, as notes consist of both tough and easy sections. So, see if you are playing difficult section slower or not.Okey, don’t get frightened! Let me tell you a secret, I used to practice tougher sections slowly but without mistakes, then I used to increase the speed. But remember, DO IT ART YOUR OWN RISK!


Most of the music notes have a set tempo, but you have to increase or decrease it sometimes for dramatic or musical effects, to concentrate on your tempo in the recording. Because you may play the piano very well without any mistakes but on one play, if you miss raising or down your tempo, it can ruin all of your credit.​


It is a pro pianist technique. After doing all that you have to keep an eye on the rest of things like, your hand position or are you holding the key longer or not. Trust me, buddy, people won’t clap more if you press the key longer. It’ll just decrease your quality of the music, and people won’t enjoy it at all and sitting position. Hand positions will make you play your piano more comfortably.​

Hey! Did I say a lot of things to take care about? It is really simple just read my article at once and start recording your piano practice. I hope It’ll help you a lot.

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