The ONE Light Keyboard 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard – White/Gold Reviews

The ONE Light Keyboard  Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard White Gold Reviews
The ONE Light Keyboard 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard - White/Gold With the ONE Light keyboard 61-key portable keyboard piano..
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(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

The ONE Light Keyboard 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano Electronic MIDI Keyboard – White/Gold With the ONE Light keyboard 61-key portable keyboard piano electronic keyboard, even a beginner can start playing music in a matter of minutes. Unlike most keyboards, this keyboard has light-up keys which show which notes are to be played. Just connect it to your mobile phone or tablet, and you can start playing a piece in a matter of minutes. Anyone can learn to play the keyboard from various modes like integrated video lessons, light-up sheet music and piano games. And expert musicians can choose their song to play from the thousands of free sheet music. With its 61 backlit keys, a selection of more than 128 instrument sounds and its portability, this keyboard is deemed to remain a popular instrument for a long time to come!


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The ONE light keyboard is best meant for

  • Beginners who want to learn to play music
  • Expert musicians find the thousands of free sheet music enthralling
  • Kids who want to learn to play the keyboard but can’t afford an instructor Features Light digital piano


The ONE light keyboard comes in gold, black or white and is very portable. It has few controls on its hardware giving it a sophisticated and sleek design. On downloading the free app available for iOS and Android, anyone can start playing sheet music by following the keys which light up. As no experience is required, learning the piano has become so much easy and fun. To top it all, as the keyboard connects to electronic devices, the MP3 speakers can be used as a stereo entertainment for playing Apple Music, iTunes or Spotify. A virtual instructor The ONE light keyboard does not require any instructor’s coaching as it comes with a virtual personal instructor. The keyboard has more than 100 free video lessons to teach you how to play it. As its lessons cover everything from the basics of the piano to the more advanced topics, you can learn all this at your own pace while rewinding, pausing and slowing down the tempo of the music. The digital piano offers thousands of sheet music to choose and learns from ranging from jazz and blues, classical to pop and much more. Each piece of sheet music has to be divided into right and left hand, and isolated practice is performed on the more difficult passages.



128 instrument sounds

The ONE light keyboard offers more than 128 different instrumental sounds to use in your recordings. There are also 20 built-in tones available in the digital piano ranging from default grand piano sound to harpsichord and violin sounds.

There are a few knobs on the main panel meant to control the volume, tone setting knobs and power buttons which provide for easy access. And in case you, unfortunately, are called away to answer the phone, your dog’s keyboard automatically switches off after being turned on for 30 minutes without any use.

Games are used to learn melodies

The ONE light keyboard is so popular with budding music enthusiasts as they can use the help of games to learn melodies. All they have to do is hit the lit-up keys on rhythm so that they match the accompanying music and thus score points.

The keyboard also has a Sing & Play’ feature where mics can be plugged in to sing songs. There is also a separate headphone socket which helps provide even better quality sounds. While the 61 touch responsive light-up keys are very sensitive and work in tandem with the app, the keys are slippery and plastic to feel just like in lower-grade keyboards.

Connectivity and Portability

The piano is lightweight and easily carried around to play anywhere required. Not only does it run with a power adapter source, but it can also be used in places without electrical connectivity with the help of just 6 AA batteries.

The ONE light keyboard’s back panel provides for maximum connectivity. You find a port connecting Android and iOS devices here, with the necessary cables. There is another power socket used with the included 12V DC power adapter and mic-in jack which can easily accommodate a 6.25 microphone used for singing and playing.

The other sockets you can find here are a 6.35mm aux-in socket to connect additional speakers, a 6.35mm aux-out socket to stream audio from the keyboard and a 6.35 mm pedal socket for connecting an external pedal (not included) if needed.

The Good Stuff

  • 61 light-up keys which light up as you play notes
  • Has more than 128 instrument sounds
  • More than 4000 sheet music and more than 100 videos to watch
  • MIDI output and recording feature
  • Sing and play feature
  • Affordable digital piano
The Bad Stuff
  • Nothing special without the app installed
  • No point buying it if you don’t plan to use the videos and games
  • Some units reached customers without the power cord



Are the accompanying applications like games and lessons free?

Answer: Yes, the applications you receive with the piano and app are free. You, however, have to pay between 99cents and $3.99 for additional songs.

Is the One smart piano sound comparable to a real piano sound?

Answer: The ONE smart piano provides professional stereo sound which both beginners and experts enjoy.

Does the ONE smart piano work with all iPads or only those with lightning connectors?

Answer: The only adapters which accompany it are Lightning adapter and micro-b. It does not have any 30-pin adapter to use with older models.


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