Tips To Learn How to Play the Guitar with Good Technique

Playing guitar adds a glory to the songs whether it is instrumental music or a proper song. Playing good guitar means having the perfect technique. If you know all the basic guitar techniques, only then you can play classical or any heavy rock tune. You should not be frightened to play the guitar. It is very effortless and easy.



The only best way to play guitar is putting your hands and fingers over the guitar at the right place. The more experience you have the more tunes you can play. Below-mentioned are the various tips to play the guitar with a good technique.

  1. Avoiding the Left-Hand Grip: While playing the guitar, always try to hook the thumb over the top fretboard. If you press the string against the fretboard, it will hurt your wrist and fingers. Sometimes, people end up with a fairly fierce grip over their neck which ultimately restricts the reach of fingers over the guitar. The best technique is to put the thumb on the back of the guitar’s neck. This way you can use your fingertips more accurately and hence can use all the strings of the guitar.
  2. Practicing in different positions: Always try to practice the guitar in some places. You can walk around the room while playing or you can sit in different postures while playing it. The best way to play the guitar is sitting on a chair. Always make sure that your guitar has a good strap and the length of the strap is comfortably adjusted to your hands.
  3. Avoid over speeding: Do not over-speed yourself while playing the guitar. The best technique is playing the guitar accurately with correct notes. Once you learn to play the guitar properly, the speed comes itself. Sometimes playing the guitar fast brings a poor technique. Thus, take your time and play slowly at first.
  4. Use correct fingers: Fingers are very important in playing guitar. Once you start playing the chords with the right finger, any tunes can be played with them. Variations can be added too with the use of correct finger. Always pay attention to correct fingering and hand position on the fret.
  5. Rehearsing songs: Always try to rehearse your favourite songs at any time of the day. Hold your guitar tightly and start playing scales. Make this a solid practice. Never panic even if you are not able to play your favourite songs. Once you will start playing them it will become a habit and you will become perfect in it.
  6. Make use of a metronome: There are many metronome apps available on the internet to improve guitar playing. A steady tempo is required to play the guitar. Rhythm and timing are the most important things to play the guitar. Metronome helps in all these sections.
  7. Practice difficult chords: Always try to practice more and more difficult chords to make your playing better over the time. Spending more energy on difficult chords makes the guitarist stronger and more successful in playing in the public.These days there are many tools online like reverse chord finder to get the name of the chord.


  1. Practice with discipline: It is said that practice makes a man perfect. Thus, practising the guitar lessons daily will make you perfect in playing guitar. Even if you do not get much time to practice the guitar, always make it a habit to take out ten minutes in a day to practice the guitar. The practice should be so good that your fingers always remember the work you have done. Always try to keep some time in a day for guitar practice and develop good playing habits.
  2. Take a break and listen to music: Never push yourself so hard while learning guitar. Taking a break and relaxing in between the lessons is very important as only a fresh mind can play good music.
  3. Practicing with your right hand: Learning guitar is not a one-handed deal. You need to use both your hands in this trick. Try to choose an easy chord and play with any finger of your hand. People often ignore right hand technique and only use the left hand to play the guitar. Keep your basics right on how to play guitar to become a great player.


Learning the guitar is very easy. Using these tips and tricks, you can make yourself feel comfortable and supportive to play the guitar. Once you know all the strings of the guitar, it becomes very easy to play it and sooner you become a professional. Many new applications are available online which gives the best tips for learning the guitar. A little concentration and practice can give you a lot more success. Try to read more and more guitar related stuff every day for speeding up your techniques of playing guitar.

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