Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano Reviews

Williams Legato  Key Digital Piano Reviews
The Williams Legato 88-key digital piano is just the right beginner instrument for aspiring piano enthusiasts. It is affordably priced and as the name suggests, has 88 semi-weighted keys, built-in speakers and produces five sounds of a piano, bass, organ, electric piano and synth.
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The Williams Legato 88-key digital piano is just the right beginner instrument for aspiring piano enthusiasts. It is affordably priced and as the name suggests, has 88 semi-weighted keys, built-in speakers and produces five sounds of a piano, bass, organ, electric piano and synth.

The Legato can be used for both practicing and performing using any one of its 5 built-in voices at a time. Its keyboard can be divided into two sections to play different voices using left and right hands. The volume for both voices can be independently adjusted and reverb and chorus effects may be independently applied to each voice.

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The Williams Legato 88-key digital piano is best meant for

  • Beginners who want to learn the piano/keyboard
  • Older children
  • Playing duets


Five built-in voices

The Williams Legato 88 is an affordably priced piano which produces five great sounds of a piano, bass, electric piano, organ, and synth. It is possible to choose one voice at a time, or if required, even produce two voices at once in the dual mode.

​Two voices can be assigned to the left or right hands in split mode, making it a useful instrument to use for duets or to even allocate the bass clef to an entirely independent instrument.

Its 32-note polyphony feature ensures there’s no cutting out of sounds while playing large chords. Its full keyboard provides an advantage over 5 or 6-octave instruments as there’s ample space to play full songs without feeling cramped.​

Split mode and USB connection

With the split mode, you can divide the Williams Legato 88-key digital piano into two sections. With this feature, you can use the two sections to play two different voices with the left and right hands.

The two voices are completely independent of each other, which is why it’s possible to adjust each voice independently. It’s possible to adjust the Split Point, which is the highest note which the left-hand plays, and even change the Split Voice as desired.

The USB connections in the keyboard make it compatible to use with various music programs and educational purpose programs. It’s even possible to use them to save compositions or record music in high fidelity.​

Reverb and chorus buttons

The Reverb and Chorus buttons of the Williams Legato 88-key piano can be applied to each voice independently. In fact, once the voice is edited using these effects, it’s automatically stored for further use, and can thus be retrieved and used even if the keyboard is switched off.

Either the Reverb or the Chorus button has to be pressed to applies either effect. Once the effect is applied, the button on the keyboard lights up, and the effect is heard when the piano is played. Switching off the effect is also easy; you just have to press the button of the desired effect another time, and the LED light switches off.​

Dual power supply

The Williams Legato 88-key digital piano can be carried along to camps and overnight trips as the keyboard runs on both batteries and a power source. You thus get to choose between using batteries for it portable use when on the move, and perhaps using the power adapter during a performance which has power outlets.

However, unfortunately, neither the power adapter nor batteries accompany the keyboard. While 6 D’ 1.5V batteries are available anywhere, have to buy the Williams ESS1 Essentials Pack meant solely for the Legato Digital Piano if you plan to use the AC power adapter to power the keyboard. This pack comprises of a pair of headphones, sustain pedal, and a power supply.

Built-in metronome and speakers

​The Williams Legato comes with built-in speakers to help you enjoy your music much better without the hassles of carrying additional speakers wherever you play your music. Of course, the keyboard does have stereo/mono line out jacks you can use to connect to additional speakers if you want added power and strength to your music!

The keyboard comes with 88 full-sized, semi-weighted keys which mimic the action of a grand piano, and lets pianists tackle any kind of music. It also has a built-in metronome which proves helpful and convenient to both amateur and professional musicians not only while performing but also while practicing by helping to keep time. It is lightweight at only 19 pounds, making it for those who move house regularly or for young children who want to carry the piano with them for lessons or to friends’ houses​

The Good Stuff

  • 88 full-sized, semi-weighted keys mimicking a grand piano’s actions
  • Built-in speakers, Lightweight and its battery operation make the model more portable
  • The keyboard is just right for beginner piano students just learning the ropes of playing the piano
  • An entry level keyboard at a low budget price


The Bad Stuff
  • Not meant for young children as it lacks the extra features they enjoy
  • Built-in speakers produce weak, low-quality sounds
  • Keyboard cannot handle complex chords




Is the piano suitable for professional performances or open mics?

Answer: It can be used but with something for sound amplification as its built-in speakers are not audible otherwise.

How to turn on the keyboard? Does it work on battery or plugging in?

Answer: It is powered by both battery and power. It runs on 6 D batteries or a 12V DC power cable and is turned on at the push of a button.

Do pedals accompany it and if not, where can they be bought?

Answer: There are no pedals with the Legato 88-key digital piano. You have to buy it online based on its technical characteristics.

So if you are thinking of learning to play the piano, and are looking for a full-sized keyboard producing excellent sound, the Williams Legato may be just what you are looking for. To top it all, it’s affordably priced and offers a limited selection of voices and features to choose and use while playing the piano.

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