Work Hard and Play Awesome

For a musician perfection the one and only important thing that he or she needs to concern about. Nobody is born perfect , he has to make him perfect by practicing and working on it. Sometimes you feel that

 let’s practice after some time.

# A half an hour delay won’t be a big issue for practicing.

I am expert at this note so, I’ll wait for the next lesson. These are the common mistakes that beginners always do so, the motto should be working hard and play awesome. Young musicians who have just started music do this mistake; they don’t focus practicing and making the music perfect. It is their biggest mistake because when you are going to perform an instrument in front of a hundred audiences, the different situation can arise at any moment and practicing it more and more is the only way to prevent it. In the later parts of my article, you’ll find amazing facts about practicing and simple tricks that will polish your music up!​


Music students often shift their practice period from one time to another. It is really bad trust me because it will break the concentration of your practice. What happens is, one day you sit for practicing at evening 5 and next day you start practice at 7 am, initially you did not find anything abnormal, but it’ll start procrastination. After a week, you won’t start practicing even at 11pm! Trust me, it happens. Never let anything to come between you and your practice. If you are a busy person, just take 15 minutes at once and then reverse it after a couple of hours. So, try to start practice at a fixed time and practice hard!​


Have you ever asked yourself, why you have started piano or other music? The answer is simple. You have seen it at any concert or any symposium. Maybe at the early age you have gone to an orchestra and seen a musician playing a heartfelt music, and that have inspired to start practicing the piano. Now, you have to make sure that you want to be, a hardcore musician? or just to play as a hobby? But pal, either way, you have to be perfect. So, make your practice schedule per your ambition and prepare yourself. If you want to be a musician, then 30 minutes daily practice won’t help you to be that. So, make up your mind about your goal.


Not today, tomorrow and when tomorrow will come you will indicate the day-after tomorrow. If this happens in practicing the piano, man, your dream of becoming a pianist will end in smoke. “Procrastination kills,” yes! It is literally true. When you’ll think to practice tomorrow, you’ll never be able to touch it. So, spare at least 15 minutes every day to practice your piano, shorter time-period, yet very useful. Whatever you read in blogs or videos, let all go to hell, just keep practicing whether it is wrong or right and see the result yourself! Maybe, you’ll practice wrong but it’ll make your hand more smooth and easy.


We all get inspirations from something, somebody or anything other. You also have to find your inspiration, what have led you to practice the piano, what you love to hear. I found my inspiration from my grandmother; she was an awesome pianist, and she’s the only person who has helped me through the journey. But when you find a true inspiration, then you’ll see that your practice and desire of practice will surprisingly rise!

Well, it was all about your practicing hard, and I have tried my best to help you. But now it’s your call to help you. Don’t think too much. Just star, try hard and you’ll shine. Best of luck man!

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