Yamaha DGX 650 Review 2021 – Buying Guide

Looking for yamaha DGX 650 review?  You are in right place. so lets start with introduction.  Concert pianists know full well the importance of a well -crafted, perfectly tuned an instrument. They also know the cost behind such an instrument. This cost can be upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which puts such a tool out of reach for those looking to hone their craft at home.

That’s where Yamaha comes in; they’re offering concert piano quality (without the concert piano costs) with their line of concert pianos for the home — namely the Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano.

Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano Review in Details

Features of Yamaha DGX 650

Smart Chord

For pianists playing or learning chords, this Yamaha model comes with an application called Smart Chord. This particular function enhances ‘chord only playing’ by building up each note alongside the pianist.

smart chord

This will make the player sound like a professional, even if they are just beginning to learn chords, and chord play. With a single stroke of a key, Smart Chord will complete the entire chord needed for the pianist. Whether it is a simple pop triad, or complex jazz 7th and 9th chords, Smart Chord steps in to help complete the player’s sound.

This feature also provides something called, Accompaniment Styles which finishes the rest of the “band,” to allow the pianist to get straight to playing.

Sampled Piano

Similar to the Yamaha DGX 650-B Digital, the Yamaha DGX 650 has been “sampled” from Yamaha’s renowned CFIIIS concert grand. This model boasts a change in color and provides a running board so the player can install a 3 -Pedal Unit.

This prevents pedal movement during piano playing and adds to the acoustic grand piano feel. The pianist is also able to use this instrument for recording various pieces of music, without losing the professional sound acoustic pianos offer. Though not classified as a portable piano, this instrument can still be moved from room to room, giving the pianist the ability to practice in whatever room they choose or move it into a recording room or studio without too much difficulty.

USB/MIDI Recording and Playback

Also available with this model is the USB Audio Recording and Playback function. The pianist can record performances or uncompressed MIDI songs, which then ensures the transfer of CD -quality audio to a USB flash drive while using the USB Audio Recorder. So whatever the pianist chooses to record, it can be transferred to other mediums. After a recording is complete, the files can be copied to an audio CD, shared online, or played via a portable music player.

USB MIDI Recording and Playback

Additionally, once the songs have been transferred to a computer; they can be downloaded onto a mp3 or iPod, and be taken on the go. The pianist now playback uncompressed WAV files stored on the USB flash drive.

AUX Input

Mother unique function of this particular Yamaha model is the Auxiliary Line Input, which provides the pianist with the ability to conned any device with a line output (Definition: one or more connectors or terminals from which an output signal is delivered.

AUX Input

In other words, a headphone style jack.) This includes mobile devices (phones, tablets and the like), mixers, and computers. Even other keyboards (pianos) can be connected. Once any of the above devices are plugged in, the sound will come through the internal speakers, which are built directly into the PureCF Piano.

Once any of the above devices have been connected, the player can then mix, layer, record and transfer songs, and learn new pieces of music.

GHS Action

The piano, in actuality, is a percussion instrument, which means having keys with a bit of weight, or “force” behind them is necessary. This gives the pianist a way to punch those notes really, and add some weight to their performance. By having a fully weighted keyboard (GHS action), the pianist is required to exercise similar force to that required with an acoustic piano.

They keys are also “touch sensitive” – a lighter strike of the keys will produce a softer sound, a heavier touch produces a louder sound. It also provides the player with an acoustic experience; not only in sound quality, but it also provides the ‘grand piano enjoyment” often only an acoustic instrument can offer.

128 Polyphony

The Yamaha DGX 650 also comes with 128 -note polyphony. On an electric keyboard, polyphony is defined by “the quantity of notes or voices that can be played simultaneously, without losing the quality of tone or notes.” Though a keyboard may contain 88 keys, the polyphony can be lower or higher.

Specifically, polyphony pertains to some individual notes/tones a piano is able to produce. By choosing a 128 polyphony digital keyboard, there will be enough horsepower available to achieve what’s known as a “dropout -free” performance, while offering the ability to layer multiple voices, and play two-handed — sustained chords.

This feature can then be coupled with another function called ‘Smart Chord”, providing the player with a well-rounded acoustic experience.

Education Suite

This particular function has a few aspects to it. First, it teaches the performer to play by breaking up songs into individual components, such as pitch and rhythm; the program then reconstructs the songs once mastered.

Education Suite piano

This means the pianist is able to practice only one hand of a song, while the DGX 650 plays the other. There is also a Waiting Mode, which pauses the accompaniment until the performer plays the notes on the Score Display. Your Tempo Mode will monitor playing and adjust the tempo based on the pianist’s accuracy.

And lastly, Minus One Mode allows the pianist to play the piano section beginning to end, and then gives a grade to the player based on performance.

You Are The Mist

The final function of the Yamaha DGX 650 is the “You Are The Mist” Series. This application gives the player the chance to perform professionally arranged, play -along with songs, complete with songbooks from Hal Leonard. If the pianist dreams of “playing the greats” from the comfort of their own home, this application is a wonderful way to achieve that.

The function provides the pianist with the opportunity to become Elton John, Adele, Taylor Swift and many others. Or, for that just starling out in their lessons, this is a perfect way to encourage said lessons. In short, the “You Are The Mist” Series is a beautiful way to showcase various piano tunes, genres, the pianist’s talent and more.

The Good Stuff

  • Able to install a 3 Pedal Unit, so it performs like a stationary acoustic piano.
  • Ability to connect various devices to enhance playing and recording
  • Weighted keys offering an acoustic piano feel.
  • Excellent speaker sound.

The Bad Stuff

  • After some time, the keys and the piano itself will “creak.”
  • Not portable: Will need two people to move/setup: Initial setup can be complicated.

FAQ of Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano

FAQ About Painos

What is included in the box?

Keyboard, stand, power supply, music stand, and owner’s manual. Additionally, the customer will want to purchase a sustain pedal. Either the FC4 or the LP7 Three-Pedal Unit. The Three-Pedal Unit offers additional playing options, but the most important feature is its ability to conned to the piano, thus prevent it from sliding around.

Will a bench need to be purchased separately from the piano?

Yes, this particular model needs a bench purchased separately.

Can a mp3 player or iPod be plugged in, and both music and piano be heard at once?

Yes, a device can be plugged in and used simultaneously with playing the piano.

Does this include the stand?

Yes, the stand comes with the piano. However, Pedal and Bench are sold separately.

Does it record?

Yes, the user can record onto a USB flash drive.

How much does it weigh without the stand?

The keyboard alone is 49 pounds, 10 ounces. The weight with the stand is 65 pounds, 1 ounce.

Is this the follow-up model to the 640?

Yes, this is the next model up.

How does the sound quality compare with the P-1057?

The sound is quite similar, potentially a little richer. The main advantages of this model are found in the “extras.” I.E. More sounds programs, ability to plug in various devices, etc.

The Bottom Line of Yamaha DGX 650

final decision

In conclusion, the Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano is a perfect purchase for those looking for concert piano quality, at home.

From beginner to professional, playing at home alone, or recording for the masses, this Yamaha digital piano offers a vast array of features designed to suit to every need. From the ability to use mobile devices, computers, and additional keyboards for enhancing the piano playing experience, to a weighted keyboard boasting an acoustic piano feel.

Lastly, it is important to make a note of the need for a pedal, and an adjustable bench in order to complete the concert piano ensemble. The importance of a well -crafted instrument is crucial to anyone performing at a symphonic, or concert level.

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