Yamaha Piano P-115 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Yamaha P-115 review
This Yamaha piano has a rich sound and is fully weighted. Is it the piano you're looking for? Keep reading to learn more about this upgraded digital piano.
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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

Looking for Yamaha P-115 review? you are in right place, so lets start. Digital pianos are great instruments for all ranges of music lovers. This includes beginners because they offer a more affordable way to learn but also well-seasoned players due to the high quality of products available.

Regardless of skill, having a quality piano to learn and play on is a necessity. Did you know those who play piano tend to have more efficient brains? You will be more likely to practice frequently if you have a piano you like and are proud of.

Interested in finding the perfect digital piano? Then you absolutely need to check out the Yamaha Piano P-115. Read below to find out the amazing features of this Yamaha piano and why you should purchase one!


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It has 88 Keys

Sticking with a piano that has the full 88 keys is the safest best. While a shorter one could be beneficial for traveling, you may find yourself some day regretting it.

Having the full amount of keys will allow you to play all sheet music. Sometimes a shorter keyboard will make it impossible to play some pieces that require multiple octaves.

The full 88 keys will prove to be the best option for both beginners that are learning and seasoned pros preparing for a gig.

While this Yamaha piano has the full 88 keys, it is not overly heavy. It weighs only about 11.8 kilograms. This makes it easy to move around in your house or from show to show!

High-Quality Sound

Although the P-115 is a digital piano, the recorded notes come from Yamaha’s CFIIIS concert grand piano. This is a beautiful piano that has been played in concert halls around the world. You will love the sound.

This model improves upon the sound of the previous model. It is clearer and much more vibrant. The speakers allow for both low-frequency notes and bright, crisp high tones. This dynamic range is great for playing pieces with a lot of drama!

Consider some high-quality headphones to use if you think you may end up playing this piano at all hours of the day.

The piano has 14 voice options. The Wurlitzer and Rock-Organ are additions from prior models. Experiment and find what settings are your favorites!

You will Love the Feel of this Yamaha Piano

One of the best features of this piano is the feel and touch of the actual keys. The P-115 has Graded Hammer keys. This means the lower register keys feel heavier than the higher notes.

This makes the digital piano feel like a natural one when playing. There is also an option for changing the weighted settings. This can be helpful for younger and newer players who may struggle with the heavier keys.

General touch sensitivity settings are available to fully customize the piano for you. Options include soft, medium, hard, and fixed.

Finally, this Yamaha piano does not click when the keys are pressed. This again makes for a smooth and natural experience while playing.

Polyphony Count

Polyphony count simply means the number of notes or pitches a piano can produce at one time. Higher polyphony counts mean a sound that will be closer to an authentic acoustic piano.

This is where the P-115 has greatly improved from the prior version. This Yamaha piano has a polyphony count of 192 keys. The older version only had 128 key polyphony.

The higher polyphony count of the P-115 gives the tone of the keyboard an enormous amount of depth and space across all of its voice options.

The keyboard has a better damper resonance response which allows for finer natural sound when playing the piano.

This piano also has an increased selection of instrument sounds. It has seventeen, three more than the previous version. The number of preset available rhythms have also increased.

Get Connected

One big improvement with this Yamaha piano is the connectivity. As in other models, there is a USB port to allow for connection. Even better? There is an app that works with the P-115.

There is an app available for iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad. A player can control settings of the piano from this app. They can control things like volume and tones, which can make changing settings quicker.

Another great feature of this app is that you can save preset settings. This would allow you to go back and forth between two settings you frequently use.

The connectivity and preset saving features of this piano and the iOS app make it a great piece of equipment for producers and touring musicians alike.

These features make it a staple in the studio and on the road.

Some Other Great Features

A new feature in the P-115 is piano styles. It has ten available. This allows you to play a chord and choose a style. The piano will then act as an accompanist, playing additional chords. This frees you up to play more intricate melodies.

The piano has ample outputs including MIDI, USB, AUX, and headphone. This allows for freedom in how you want to produce sound with your piano.

The piano comes with a metronome with a range of 5-280 beats per minute. Practicing with a metronome has many benefits. They can help you learn to maintain both complex rhythms and tempos.

Another great feature of the keyboard is that it can be split to have two different voices. This would be great for younger players or beginners. Advanced duet players may have trouble doubling up, however.

The piano comes with a music stand and a pedal. While this is great for small spaces, it can limit the musicality able to be expressed.

An extra stand with three pedals can be purchased to fix this issue. Even with these additions, it does not take up too much space.

As you can see, the P-115 Yamaha piano has many benefits. It is reasonably priced with a beautiful finish. By taking the step of purchasing this piano, you will be opening the door for years of beautiful music.

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