Yamaha P71 Review 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to the manufacture of high-quality musical instruments, Yamaha has positioned itself as a top brand. The company presents a wide range of digital and acoustic pianos that are built with high precision. In this article we are going to share yamaha P-71 review.

Speaking of pianos, the Yamaha P-71 has left quite an impression in the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Yamaha teamed up with Amazon to provide an exclusive digital piano that is perfect for players of all talents and abilities.

The P-71, therefore, has the reputation of both Yamaha and Amazon brands, so you can buy with confidence that you are getting a quality product.

This weighted keyboard piano ticks all the boxes with respect to price, features, performance, and ease of use. So if you are in the market for a high-end digital weighted keyboard piano, you might want to check out the Yamaha P-71.

And if you are a beginner with a tight budget, you’ll be glad to know that the Yamaha P-71 is the cheapest of the “P” family, which includes the popular Yamaha P-45 and its big brother, the Yamaha P-115, which is more expensive.

Read on for a detailed review of the Yamaha P-71  exclusive digital piano.

Yamaha P-71 Review in Details

The design of the Yamaha P-71 can only be described in two words: compact and lightweight. It also comes in two colors, black and white.

With a depth of less than 13 inches, this piano is slim, yet stylish enough to steal the spotlight in the midst of other pianos. This comes at no surprise as Yamaha is well known for its simple and elegant designs.

This piano weighs approximately 25lbs, so you can easily move it anywhere in your house or outside if you prefer outside performance.

The piano is also designed to be used with accessories like headphones, the piano stand, or an effects pedal. These add-ons can help you to use it anywhere you want.

The looks may be simple, but the magic is seen under the hood.

The Yamaha P-71 Features

The Yamaha P-71 packs a powerful punch when it comes to performance. Some of the features that make this piano stand out include:

Weighted keyboard

The P-71 features a full 88 keys weighted keyboard, designed to give you a one-of-a-kind playing experience. So whether you are an advanced pianist or a beginner, you will appreciate the authentic power of the weighted keys.

Weighted keys create a room for an enjoyable playing experience, and at the same time, trains your fingers to be stronger and more proficient. The keys will give you full control over the piano and your fingers will want to play more.

Digital sampling

The digital sampling feature enables you to change the sound of your piano to mimic the sound of ten different pianos.

Specifically, tones are sampled directly from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos, which means you can simulate the experiences of playing similar pianos.

Because the samples are recorded from Yamaha’s world-renowned concert pianos, the resulting sound is rich and features a professional tone.

Dual Mode

Dual mode is a unique feature in Yamaha P-71 that lets you enjoy every experience like a pro, even if you are a beginner. With this functionality, you can record yourself while playing and easily create a duet with yourself.

The dual mode functionality can also be used to play different instrument voices at the same time.

For example, if you choose Piano and Strings, you will be able to play Piano through the left side and Strings through the right side, courtesy of the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) stereo sampling.

This weighted keyboard piano uses a pair of waveforms (L and R) captured via two microphones to create deeper, richer, and more spacious sound.

It also comes with a wide array of synthesizers and instruments that you can combine to experiment and make your performance more lively.


This piano is best suited for beginners due to its ease of use and simple controls.

The moment you open the box, you’ll realize the controls have been set up to be plug-in and play.

You can change most of the settings with just one button. Just press and hold down the Grand Piano/Function, and you’ll be able to control many functions from here. These include playing a demo, changing voices, and more.

You’ll also realize that changing between user voices is a piece of cake, owing to the simple controls and a friendly user-interface.


When it comes to connectivity, everyone would want an instrument that is flexible and offers many connectivity options. The Yamaha P-71 doesn’t disappoint in this area either.

It has a USB port that you can use to connect your piano to a computer. This way, you can record and transfer your practice and performance samples easily.

It also has an audio out jack that you can use to connect your piano to an amplifier or a speaker system to give your performance a punch.

And if you enjoy practicing alone or at night where loud sound may cause a disturbance, you can connect it to a pair of headphones.


  • The Yamaha P-71 weighted keyboard piano is affordably priced, and the cheapest in the “P” line up
  • Incredibly lightweight making it easy to move around anywhere in your home
  • Slim and stylish – designed with a contemporary home in mind
  • Perfect choice for beginners with easy to use controls and a friendly user interface
  • Created with a dual mode for pianists to play different styles
  • Comes with the digital sound sampling feature for richer sounds and impressive user experience


  • It lacks a LED screen, which would have further simplified the customization of effects
  • Offers limited features and sounds which limit the capabilities of an advanced pianist
  • Only available in the US, limiting its use to pianists in one geographical location


The Yamaha P-71 weighted keyboard piano has earned quite a good reputation owing to its stellar performance and brand loyalty.

Most experts agree that Yamaha pianos are the way to go and are always a step ahead of other brands.

This cannot be wrong considering that the P-71 has registered a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and is backed by very inspiring customer feedback.

So if you are in the market for an affordable and high-end weighted keyboard piano, the Yamaha P-71 is your best bet.

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