Yamaha P115 Digital Piano 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Yamaha P115 review
The Yamaha P115 boasts piano quality that only Yamaha can provide. Like any Yamaha model, the PureCF Sound Engine is the result of years of the piano -making mixed with state-of-the-art sampling technology.
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Concert pianists know the key to a good performance is practice, calm nerves, and a good instrument at their fingertips (literally). But the “good,” and even “amazing” instruments can bring monumental costs to the performer. So what can a player do in order to experience a quality acoustic piano, on a modest budget? The Yamaha P-115 is an excellent place to begin. It presents a full 88 -keys that offer high -quality sound and a multitude of features to enhance the playing experience. so why you waiting for? start reading yamaha p115 review article.


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Sampled Piano

The Yamaha P-115 boasts piano quality that only Yamaha can provide. Like any Yamaha model, the PureCF Sound Engine is the result of years of the piano -making mixed with state-of-the-art sampling technology. Yamaha also takes the lead in the digital piano industry, and when a pianist sits down at one of any Yamaha’s models, the sound is clear. Its the sound of a digital piano making use of the PureCF piano sample. Additionally, the P-115 includes the renowned CFIIIS 9′ concert grand piano sound, and is meticulously reproduced; ensuring consistent sound across all makes and models. Due to years of honing the grand piano sound, Yamaha can offer an instrument to that will cover a whole host of needs.

Graded Hammer Scale

As always, the P-115 provides an authentic acoustic feel when striking the keys, due in part to Yamaha’s GHS. The weighted action has a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end. Just like the hammers in an acoustic, the P-115 delivers the same feel and sound in a digital. This is perfect for an aspiring artist needing to practice with the same feel as a grand piano, because not only does it allow for similar sound, so the piece of music being practiced at home will sound the same as the one performed on stage, it also encourages proper finger technique. This, as many know, is crucial when beginning to play.

Enhanced Sound System

The newly enhanced sound system built directly into the Yamaha P-115 will be “music to one’s ears.” With this model Yamaha is showcasing a newly modified internal sound system in which, the tweeter position has been improved upon, thus making the notes played align more with the ears of the player. The new configuration guarantees the instrument tones and sounds will twinkle and come to life across the entire tonal range. By offering a new configuration in this area, Yamaha provides the pianist with an accurate, more acoustic like sound, thus eliminating the “tinny” tones that can often be found in a digital piano. These changes now ensure a flawless performance by any pianist, from novice to expert.

Pianist Styles

For pianists looking to challenge themselves when it comes to playing various pieces of music, this next feature will be perfect. “Pianist Styles” gives the pianist a chance to sound like they’re playing a duet; when really they are performing on their own. This is a wonderful way to approach a piano duet practice when the second half of the duo is not available. The pianist can simply play the “left hand only” chords, and the Pianist Stylist option will take care of the rest. Suddenly the performance goes from a few notes to a rich, full sound. This function not only allows the pianist to practice/play duets alone but also provides a way to fix mistakes in performances.

Digital Piano Apps

The P-115 is compatible with various piano -playing apps, which can aid in the piano learning process. Yamaha offers a free application called the “Digital Piano Controller.” This application gives control of the multitude of functions available, to the user via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Features that can be manually controlled are rhythms and voices (among various other settings, which can be selected while looking a the screen). This makes it easy to enjoy any new piano function with ease, and the pianist can begin to save favorite settings, which can be recalled at any time. Features such as this, bring piano playing into an affordable, 21st -century realm, and offers a continual opportunity to learn and grow.

The Good Stuff

  • The P-115 boasts 192 notes of polyphony, which makes this one of the best quality digital pianos around!
  • This particular Yamaha model is portable: The pianist can make use of a whole host of features to enhance the playing experience.
  • Due to the built-in speakers, the pianist is able to enjoy a powerful sound without the use of headphones.

The Bad Stuff

  • The P-115 does not offer the ability to connect to an existing MIDI setup due to the lack of a MIDI Port
  • Operating this instrument is a little more difficult, as there is no LCD screen
  • The P-115 only allows one song to be recorded and stored in the piano’s memory. This can slightly limit the capabilities of the instrument.




How many voices does this model boast?

The P-115 includes 24 pre-set Voices including Grand Piano, Piano, Organ, and much more. It also has ten rhythms and 1.5 MB of memory available.

What “extras” will I need to purchase?

This model comes with a single sustain pedal. If the user would like a 3 –Pedal Unit that can be purchased separately. It’s also important to note a piano bench is also not included with the initial purchase of the keyboard.

Does it come with a music stand?

Yes, the piano has a clear, plexiglass music stand which inserts into the back edge of the keyboard. It is removable but solidly built.

Can you record with this piano?

Yes, but the internal piano memory is limited. If a performer wants to record onto a different device, a connection/adapter to another unit will be needed.

The Bottom Line of Yamaha P115 review

To conclude, the Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano would be an excellent choice for any player. Whether a beginner or a performance level pianist, this model will offer a variety of options to suit a myriad of needs. The higher polyphony and high -quality speakers ensure the sound being produced is as clear and acoustically accurate as possible. And though this is a full-size piano (88 keys), it is still portable enough to be taken to various functions and performances. Lastly, the vast variety of options, features, sounds, voices, rhythms and more make this digital piano extremely versatile and useful for any pianist.

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