Yamaha Arius YDP 142 Review 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Yamaha Arius YDP 142 Review 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Yamaha has lent us their ears and designed a tried and true digital piano for home use. Boasting concert piano quality, without the immense cost, the Yamaha YDP-142 is an 88 -key weighted action keyboard. This model is one of many Yamaha’s to use sound sampling built around their CFIIIS Grand Piano. This provides the pianist multiple options for feel, touch, and sound, making it the most like an acoustic; all while offering the many features a digital piano has to offer. So lets check our yamaha ydp142 review.

Yamaha YDP142 Review in Details

Feature of Yamaha YDP142 Digital Piano

Capture Your Performance

Since the Yamaha YDP-142 is a digital piano model, there are countless more features to be accessed and used. One of which is the Capture Your Performance application. This is a built-in 2 -track song recorder that has been designed to suit any aspiring artist looking to playback and listen to their recent performance.

The pianist is also able to play the left and right hand separately, in order to achieve ‘hands -separate practicing’ at any tempo they are comfortable with. This makes for an easier practice time, with more effort spent on learning the piece of music. Another aspect of this feature is playing with one hand, while the song recorder completes the rest for the pianist.

Weighted Keys

Part of the realistic sound in Yamaha concert pianos lies behind the weighted key technology. This ensures the keys feel as close to an acoustic as possible (heavier to the touch in the bass notes, and lighter in the higher notes). This particular aspect is key when establishing correct finger technique during practice.

Another feature that guarantees an acoustic piano feel is one that Yamaha has built into all of their digital pianos — realistic acoustic piano sound. The YDP-142 also utilizes Yamaha’s PureCF sampling of the acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand piano. With this technology the pianist is able to access a variety of dynamic levels, from Pianississimo (PPP) to Triple Forte, which then provides a most impressive performance.

Damper Resonance

The Yamaha YDP-142 showcases a variety of pedals, which interacts brilliantly with the digitally produced Damper Resonance. This generates an authentic sound interaction between strings, which is traditionally only heard in acoustic pianos. This model also offers continuous or sustained pedal control to the pianist. Once again putting Yamaha ahead in the “digital age” of pianos.

This model also boasts a feature known as the Acoustic Optimizer. The technology specifically uses positions within the piano to adjust the acoustic output. Meaning, it will control the resonance, enhancing the over sound of the instrument. Additionally, this makes it more like an acoustic by offering a full, rich sound, as opposed to the “tinny” sound found in some digital pianos.

Skill Acquisition

This particular function of the Yamaha YDP-142 allows a beginner pianist to keep track of their progress by recording and playing back past performances. Subsequently, the performances of each hand can also be played separately, which allows for an enhanced learning experience when the pianist is practicing melodies and harmonies at the same time.

Furthermore, two players are able to use the instrument at the same time, offering the ability for teachers to sit and play alongside their students or encourage the practicing of various duets. And since this model also offers the ability to play one-half of a duet at a time, while the instrument fills in the rest, players can practice on their own, when required.

Back to Basics

Last on the list are some basic piano functions, like the built in metronome. Performers know, keeping time is crucial when performing or accompanying. However, if the basic metronome is too simple, then there is also the option of using one of over 60 pre-set songs built into the digital piano’s memory.

There is also a transpose and tuning function, and two headphone jacks, which make for a convenient way for two people to practice a duet in private. Or if a private teacher/student session needs to take place. Another simple, but important feature is the auto power off function, which will automatically power the piano down when it is not in use, in order to save power.

The Good Stuff

  • Like other Yamaha Digital Pianos, the YDP-142 also contains PureCF Sampling to ensure true, Acoustic Grand Piano sound.
  • As with other Yamaha models, the YDP-142 also comes with the standard Graded Hammer Action
  • Though this model has the standard Graded Hammer Action, the keys are still light to the touch.

The Bad Stuff

  • Weight can be an issue, there will be problems with portability due to this model being a little on the heavy side.
  • Some pianists state that the light feels” of the keys, is not like an acoustic grand.

FAQ of Yamaha YDP142 Digital Piano

Will I need to assemble the piano upon arrival?

To a point. Most pieces will come intact; they simply need to be attached to one another. I.E. Piano to stand, pedal to running board, etc.

What are the dimensions of the piano?

The dimensions are as follows: Width 53 7/16″, Height 32 1/16″, Depth 16 5/8″

After being shipped, will the YDP-142 need tuning or adjustments?

No, once assembled it is ready to play.

The Bottom Line of Yamaha YDP142 Digital Piano

To conclude, the Yamaha Arius YDP-142 has numerous features, which make it an acceptable instrument for a variety of performing needs. Whether novice or expert, the YDP-142 boasts features to suit any pianist’s needs. Such as a metronome, duet options, 60 pre-set songs, and recording/playback abilities.

Not to mention the meticulously crafted Graded Hammer Action keyboard, 3 -pedal units, and classic grand piano feel, look, and sound. Whether playing the first time, or the thousandth time, the Yamaha YDP-142 will be sure to enhance any piano playing experience. Lastly, the Yamaha YDP-142 comes in various colors, turning it into an instrument and accent piece.

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