Yamaha YPG 235 Review 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

We’ve told you about some pretty great portable keyboards, but what is the best digital grand piano available on the market? Want to know? read a to z about yamaha ypg-235 review.

For our money, we believe that the Yamaha Portable YPG-235 is the best out there.

This smaller version of the YPG-535 is perfect for players at every skill level and it will work perfectly in any setting.

So with all of the other options out there, you may be asking yourself: “What sets this digital grand piano apart from all of the others?”

Come along as we tell you about what we think might be the best digital grand piano on the market.

Yamaha YPG-235 Review in Details

It Has a Super Cool and Sleek Design

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Yamaha ypg-235 is definitely one of the more cool looking digital grand pianos you can find on the market.

If you don’t believe us, see for yourself!

The white and silver color scheme mixed with its simple interface, this digital grand piano looks like the console to an intergalactic spaceship. It will look as amazing on stage as it will in your living room.

The Yamaha ypg-235 has all of the elegance of the 535 but in a more compact package.

The Yamaha ypg-235 only weighs roughly 16 pounds. Which is great news since you won’t have to lug around such a massive electric piano from gig to gig.

No more throwing your back out, you can just tuck this digital grand piano underneath your arm and head out the door.

Amazing Sound Quality and Playability

Now, this is the main sell for any musical instrument. Because after all, these instruments need to sound good if they are in such high demand.

And the Yamaha ypg-235 is no exception. Or better yet, maybe it is the exception to all of the other lousy digital grand pianos on the market.

My main point here is that this keyboard sounds fantastic.

With sets of two woofers and two tweeters, this digital grand piano creates a wall of surround sound that hits all of the different ranges that it has to offer beautifully.

And not only does it sound great, but the playability is amazing as well.

This keyboard features weighted keys that mimic the feeling your fingers would generally get while playing a grand piano.

Since it is a smaller size compared to the Yamaha YPG-535, the Yamaha Portable YPG-235’s keyboard only has 77 keys instead of a full size 88 keys.

They keyboard also does not come with a piano foot pedal like the 535, but it does come with the correct port if you ever feel like adding one further on down the road.

And it’s not just the natural piano sounds that are great, you will find that exploring the different tones that are offered with this great digital grand piano.

Fantastic Selection of Different Tones

With the Yamaha ypg-235, the possibilities of different sounds and tones are completely astounding.

This state of the art digital grand piano offers 500 additional sounds and voicings including 361 original Yamaha XGlite Voices.

With all of the different combinations, who knows what original sounds you will be able to come up with?

With the Yamaha ypg-235, you can mix and match different voicings all while being able to easily save the different tones that you love and switch back to the grand piano setting in an instant with the “Portable Grand” button.

That way you could drift off into space with your own custom tones and switch back to home base at the drop of a dime.

The Yamaha Yamaha ypg-235 also contains a USB connection that will allow you to plug into any recording software on your computer that you may have.

That way you can take all of the cool tones and sounds that you get out of your portable keyboard and layer them to create something completely original and cool.

With all of these tools and different avenues at your disposal, who knows what you will be able to come up with. There are enough features to indulge your most creative impulses.

Sounds pretty fun right?

Great Learning Program for Beginners

The Yamaha ypg-235 also comes fully equipt with Yamaha’s Y.E.S. v.6 (Yamaha Education System, sixth generation) which is amazing for any beginners who are trying to learn how to play.

This program includes a full chord dictionary as well as programs that allow you to practice your scales at almost any skill level.

Basically, these programs can whip any beginner into playing and can strengthen any seasoned player’s chops.

By having these interactive programs available, you will never have the excuse to not be practicing.

So with all of this, you are probably asking yourself …

Are There Any Downsides to Owning the Yamaha Portable YPG-235?

That is a good question. Believe it or not, there are not a lot of downsides to owning the Yamaha ypg-235.

Because this is the portable version, it does not include the full sized keyboard or the piano stool that the Yamaha ypg-235 Electric Grand Piano generally contains.

But if that is your concern, you should really look at both products as apples and oranges.

This digital grand piano is compact to serve a purpose and offers the majority of the features of much larger electric pianos on the market.

There’s really not a whole lot more to complain about with this versatile digital grand piano.

And Voila! The Best Digital Grand Piano You Ask? Well, it’s the Yamaha YPG-235!

We can tell you all of the reasons under the sun why this digital grand piano is the best out there.

But why simply take our word for it? Go out there and try it for yourself!

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by the Yamaha ypg-235’s versatility and easy playability.

Having the best digital grand piano will make all of the difference while gigging on the road or simply playing at home for your own enjoyment.

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